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Brand Guide

You Guide to a Compelling Brand Story.

Crafting and telling your brand story in a way that resonates with your customers and sets you apart from the competition can be tough. Even the most experienced marketers often get stuck when it comes to articulating a message that resonates. We’ve been in your shoes and that’s why we developed a solution to help you overcome this challenge. Our Brand Guide process helps brands discover and articulate a well-crafted brand story that resonates with your customers and sets the foundation for creating growth-driven content.

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1st Phase: Clarify

We start by listening, researching, and getting to know your brand. We immerse ourselves understanding who your ideal customers are, how you can help them, what you want to be known for, what differentiates you from competitors. The result is clarity around your position in the market, challenges you face, opportunities you seek, and where your brand can uniquely stand out.

Deliverables Include

  • Discovery sessions
  • Interviews with owners, staff and clients
  • A competitive snapshot
  • Assessment of existing marketing materials

2nd Phase: Explain

We continue by developing brand messaging written specifically for your target audience. We discover and define your audience empathy statements, differentiators, value pillars, elevator speech, message building blocks, and brand narrative. The result is a solid foundation for telling bold stories that communicate with your customers in a way that is meaningful to them.

Deliverables Include

  •  Customer-focused copy style
  •  Unique value proposition
  •  Value pillars
  •  Message building blocks
  •  Talking points for customer journey stages
  •  Elevator speech
  •  Company Boilerplate
  •  Headlines
  •  Brand Narrative

3rd Phase: Depict

With a strong brand message, we are ready to launch your growth-driven content strategy. Common deliverables in this phase are website copy, videos, blogs, and social media content. This phase is highly customized for your specific needs, working with what you already have and what you need. Your customers won’t know your story unless you share it. We help you share it in an engaging and cohesive fashion.

Common Deliverables Include

  • Company profile video
  • Website content
  • Brand brochure
  • Marketing Roadmap

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