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The nice thing about seeing our team is that you get to put faces to names and roles. The downside is that you can’t see the brainpower, creativity, or drive. Worst of all, you can’t hear Grace and Kelsey laugh! But that’s even more reason to connect with us in person or via video chat.

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Brandee Johnson

Brandee Johnson

Owner, President

John Kuefler LimeLight Marketing

John Kuefler

Director of Technology, Partner

Cody Cash LimeLight Marketing

Cody Cash

Creative Director

Rachel Dicke

Rachel Dicke

Director of Strategy

Tara Grassie

Tara Grassie

Account Executive

Caleb Smith LimeLight Marketing

Caleb Smith

Senior Development Manager

LimeLight Marketing - Kristina Murdaugh

Kristina Murdaugh

Project Manager

Kelsey Seifert

Kelsey Seifert

Senior Designer

Justin Peternell

Justin Peternell

Resource & Scheduling Manager

LimeLight Marketing - James Mulvenon

James Mulvenon

Senior Designer

LimeLight Marketing - Kyle Tapper

Kyle Tapper


Grace Beesley LimeLight Marketing

Grace Beesley

Account Manager

LimeLight Marketing - Natasha Thompson

Natasha Thompson


LimeLight Marketing Team Member: Deion Pruitt

Deion Pruitt

Senior Media Specialist

LimeLight Marketing - Lacy Nickelson

Lacy Nickelson

Account Manager

LimeLight Marketing Team Member: Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton

Social Media Manager

Aaron Troglia

Aaron Troglia

Web Development Specialist

Sara Dressler LimeLight Marketing

Sara Dressler

Front-End Developer

Allison Lucas

Allison Lucas

Marketing Coordinator

Lydia Winter - LimeLight Marketing

Lydia Winters

Front-End Developer/Designer

Jared Hight LimeLight Marketing

Jared Hight

Back-End Developer

Our brand pulse: Be Better

Part inspiration, part motivation, deeply heartfelt, and sincerely doable, this is a daily challenge to ask ourselves and one another to continually work to make a positive impact. In our business? With our skills? For our clients? Yes, yes, yes, and more.

It’s an always-burning desire and promise to improve. Improve our knowledge. Improve our industry. Improve our work. Improve our lives. So, each day we begin with a question that turns into encouragement and solidifies into a principle: be better.

"LimeLight has done a great job listening and understanding not only our business and how it works but also the struggles we face. With Brandee and her team, it has always felt like a true partnership. They provide a personal touch. The synergy with the team has been rewarding. To have success with an agency there has to be trust. This has been at the forefront of our relationship from day one with the LimeLight team. "

George Yaghmour

VP Sales & Marketing - KEY Apparel

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