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The question is no longer “should we be doing digital marketing?” but “what marketing tactics should we be doing?”  With so many options to choose from – SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, digital advertising, video, and so much more – it’s important to know your goals, craft a marketing strategy that is aligned, and thoughtfully execute the marketing tactics that produce the best results.

We work side by side with clients to develop and execute marketing strategies that engage prospects, convert customers, improve the bottom line, and fuel grow. That’s what we do every day.

"I'm glad we made the decision to work with LimeLight. Your team has exceeded our expectations."

Randy Estabrook

Executive Director - AWI QCP

The LimeLight Approach

Each business is unique so we work with you to devise a marketing strategy that is customized for your business. Whether you are rebuilding the foundation or you’re ready to accelerate business growth, our team of experts helps you create a marketing roadmap that leads to your goals.

  1. Research and Understand. A deep understanding of your customers, who they are, why they buy, what they really care about, and how you are relevant to them is critical to your marketing strategy. We learn your business, understand your customers, and assess the landscape.
  2. Develop the Plan. Jumping too quickly to busy marketing tactics will get you nowhere fast. We develop a plan so that we know exactly what we want to achieve and how we will get there.
  3. Execute the Plan. The plan comes to life through creative design, development, content creation and distribution. Every step, every decision is carefully aligned with the strategy.
  4. Analyze and Optimize. What’s working? What’s not? Where do we need to adjust? Our data-driven mindset holds us accountable for ensuring the plan delivers the best results.
Brand development services provided by LimeLight Marketing, a digital marketing agency.

Brand Development

Bold brands don’t happen by chance. They don’t just get lucky or stumble upon their best stories. There is a thoughtful and deliberate process to discovering and articulating the unique value you provide with words and imagery that are meaningful and set you apart. Effective brand development sets the foundation for amazing content.

  • New Brand Development
  • Rebranding and Brand Evolutions
  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Persona Development
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Marketing services provided by LimeLight Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburg, KS.


Your best stories are meant to be shared. Videos, blogs, landing pages, social posts, infographics and case studies are a few of the engaging ways to attract and convert your prospects. We create content that informs and motivates people to take action.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Email
  • Digital Advertising
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Website design and development services provided by LimeLight Marketing for Creative Candles.


Your product or service probably isn’t cookie-cutter. Your website shouldn’t be either. Deliver an amazing brand experience with quality content and design that informs, educates, and motivates your website visitors to take the next step with you. Our in-house design, development, and content specialists create growth-driven websites that attract, engage, and convert visitors into customers.

  • Custom Design and Development
  • Growth-Driven Design
  • UX / UI
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Remarkable Content Management System
  • Website Hosting and Care
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Photography and videography services provided by LimeLight Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburg, KS.

Video & Photography

Your best stories deserve more than just words. And your audience is watching. Give them an unforgettable experience with videos and photography that illuminate your brand. From shareable social videos to company profile and informative product videos – our in-house videographers and photographers can produce and share your stories.

  • Product Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Photography
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