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Marketing Roadmap:
A Fresh Boost to Your Marketing Strategy

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First Things First - What is a Marketing Roadmap?

Your marketing roadmap is a personalized, comprehensive and detailed strategy document that you receive at the end of the process. The roadmap:

  • Provides an assessment of your top competitors and opportunities for you to stand out 
  • Delivers buyer personas to guide your marketing strategy
  • Defines your value proposition
  • Helps you articulate your competitive advantage
  • Provides a roadmap with a detailed marketing strategy and plan

Ultimately, we provide you a customized marketing plan aligned to your goals that you can begin working with right away.

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What Does it Take to Create a Roadmap?

We’ve created a 3 step process. Keep reading or scroll to the top of this page to download a PDF of the process. 

Step 1: Discovery


Throughout discovery, we work with your team to gather information about your business and your competitors and gain access to your Google Analytics and other data. This phase typically requires a couple of meetings with your team and 3-5 hours of your time to help us get started.

Step 2: Research


The research phase is conducted by our team and generally only requires some light email communication with your team during this time.  This phase includes:

  • SEO audit and keyword research
  • Content assessment
  • Website audit
  • Buyer persona interviews
LimeLight Marketing Roadmap SEO Audit

SEO Audit & Keyword Research

Search engine optimization is a set of best practices you must do so potential customers can find your website when they search online.

A search engine specialist investigates how people search when looking for things relevant to your business, how you're ranking, and how that compares to competitors.

4 Steps to the SEO Audit:

  1. Technical assessment of SEO compliance and issues
  2. Research and identify keywords
  3. See how you currently rank
  4. Identify quick-win and long-term opportunities for ranking

LimeLight Marketing Roadmap Content Assessment

Content Assessment

Content not only helps your website rank in search engines, but it's the best way to attract and engage your audience.

We review your existing content – website copy, sales brochures, videos, ebooks, case studies, social media – and provide recommendations on ways to optimize existing content and build new content for each stage of your customer journey. If you already have some content, we'll identify ways to leverage it to get more value.

LimeLight Marketing Roadmap Website Audit

Website Audit

In a website audit, we review your website in-depth to understand its content and functionality. We identify things that are working well, as well as problem areas that should be resolved. A report will be shared, pointing to ways to improve user experience, lead generation, time on site, conversions and other recommendations.

LimeLight Marketing Roadmap Buyer Persona Interviews

Buyer Persona Interviews

In partnership with you, we identify a group of people who represent your customers and speak with them to learn who they are, how they think, where they go for information, who they trust, and other factors that influence your marketing.

During the interviews, we uncover insight about their demographics, role in the company, behaviors, challenges, goals, and buying patterns. This helps in writing messaging and creating content that resonates with your customers.

We layer this insight with additional market research, delivering a comprehensive picture of your buyers.

Step 3: Roadmap Delivery

Your roadmap is customized to your company and the deliverables will vary. Common deliverables include:


SEO Content and Site Report

We present a report of your website’s SEO health. We describe any issues, their level of impact, and how to resolve them. You’ll get keyword research to help you understand how your site currently ranks, where your competitors rank, and a keyword strategy to guide new content.

Buyer Personas

Using insight from interviews and research, you’ll receive buyer persona profiles so that your whole team knows exactly who you are targeting with your marketing and sales efforts. These easy-to-share profiles help you stay aligned and focused on who you want to reach.

Brand Messaging

Your brand tone of voice and the words you use in your content and ads matter a lot. You’ll receive a professionally written Brand Messaging Guide that sets your brand tone of voice, articulates your values, and resonates with customers. It’s the playbook that you’ll work from when creating all kinds of content. 

Content Strategy & Plan

The content you publish will be a key driver in your marketing success. But most companies struggle to know what content to create, or how to keep it engaging. We create a content strategy and plan that work within the resources you have available – whether that’s your internal team or working with us as your marketing partner. 

You’ll have a roadmap for what types of content to create, on which topics, aligned to which keywords, and ways you can get maximum value from every piece of content.

Marketing Strategy & Plan

The above elements are many of the foundational aspects of your marketing strategy. We’ll add to them the custom aspects of a marketing strategy for your business, along with a 90-day marketing plan that allows us to put the strategy to work right away. 

You Have the Right Roadmap, Now What?

It’s time to start executing your marketing strategy to get results. Do you have the time, resources, and skills that you need to do it well? If not, we can help you.

Clients who hire us as their marketing team say that LimeLight helps them:

  • Reduce time spent trying to run their marketing
  • Understand how their marketing campaigns are performing
  • Know the best tactics to reach their goals
  • Keep up to date with marketing technology
  • Create great content and get more customers

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