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Marketing Roadmap

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What is a Marketing Roadmap?

Your marketing roadmap is a personalized, comprehensive and detailed strategy document that you receive at the end of the process.

Our passion for setting businesses up to reach goals through clear and thorough marketing strategy drove the creation of our Marketing Roadmap process. Through years of experience, we’ve found that marketing plans work best when teams understand the whole picture.

Since every business is different, each Roadmap is tailored to the specific needs, history, and ambitions of our individual clients. Further, each Roadmap is customized to the business goals you set forth for a marketing team to solve.

Each customized Roadmap:

  • Provides an assessment of your top competitors and opportunities for you to stand out 
  • Delivers buyer personas to guide your marketing strategy
  • Defines your value proposition
  • Helps you articulate your competitive advantage
  • Provides a roadmap with a detailed marketing strategy and plan
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What Does it Take to Create a Roadmap?

We’ve created a 3 step process. Keep reading or scroll to the top of this page to download a PDF of the process. 

Step 1: Learn

Setting Expectations & Baselines

Your company: a history. We’ll spend time through a variety of efforts to learn the ins-and-outs of your business. This gives us the lay of the land, setting forth the blueprint for our roadmap. This will be an internal learning exercise. Before we get started on the internal work, we’ll need access to digital platforms you’re currently using so we can pull analytics and historical performance data to help in our learnings.

Intake Process

Let’s get your thoughts on paper. We’ll send you an intake form, with questions tailored to your business based on what we’ve learned through the sales process. This will give us all an opportunity to create an upfront contract about what you’re expecting from the roadmapping process.

Discovery Session

This invaluable time together allows us to learn about the company from your perspective. We’ll mine insights, viewpoints, pain points, and priority areas from key company stakeholders.

LimeLight Marketing Roadmap Buyer Persona Interviews

Target Persona Development

When no documentation of personas exist, together, we’ll help identify your target audience and perform primary or secondary research (depending on project scope and identified need) on the people who meet the demographic and psychographic. We’ll be able to understand what’s important to them when making a decision relevant to your product or service. This helps make your marketing efforts and content more precise and effective.

Competitor Snapshot

Oftentimes, competitor activity in the marketplace helps drive recommendations. During a competitor analysis, we look at what competitors are doing that works, what doesn’t appear to be working, and ask “why?” If it’s working or not working for them, is it something we should do?

Branding & Messaging Audit

People connect with brands not only by what they sell, but why they sell it and what they stand for. Understanding what makes your brand and product unique and how it answers real and perceived customer needs is the key to creating content that drives results.

Digital Health Review

Your website is at the heart of your digital strategy — it’s the home you invite all prospects and customers to visit and should portray your business in the best light and do the job it’s intended to do. Whether you’re selling products through an ecomm environment or capturing leads, our team’s expertise ensures your site is thoroughly reviewed, keeping industry best practices at the forefront while driving recommendations that align to your business goals. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one critical piece of how you ensure that potential customers are able to find you online. It begins with making sure, at a technical level, that your website accurately conveys to Google exactly what you’re offering to the marketplace.

Digital Channel Marketing Review

Brand real estate that we don’t own (like social platforms and email) is how a brand shares its message. The specific channels your brand uses will be evaluated for historical performance and then set against industry standards.

Step 2: Identify Opportunities

Where are the Gaps?

Throughout the learning process, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your customers and your current business practices.
The disparity between existing business practices and business goals is where we find the sweet spot for marketing opportunity. The Opportunities presentation will include the full evaluation of data and insights our team has uncovered during the “Learn” phase. Recommendations for adjustments are often presented during this phase. In essence, they’re the gaps, or the low-hanging fruit that can quickly turn around marketing performance.

In the Opportunities presentation, some deliverables will confirm things you already know about your business, but usually add insight and data that you didn’t have at hand, or realize.
This step is important to set baseline metrics to know where we started. As partners in your business alignment with existing and historical marketing activity will be key in setting forth a plan of action. While we intend to be aligned with the findings and opportunities presented here, our expertise is to put a marketing perspective on these opportunities in a way that hasn’t been executed before.

Step 3: Set A Plan

Organize & Make Opportunities Actionable


Setting the marketing plan is where we define the path to reaching your goals.

It takes a series of steps, or well-defined, proven processes to take opportunities from ideas to living work that’s producing for your business. The next phase of the Roadmap is to re-evaluate the business goals, paired with areas of opportunity and create a plan that will close the gap to success. Each of our recommendations comes from time spent evaluating business objectives and identifying specific levers to pull that impact unique business goals. What works for one brand’s digital presence doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Areas of opportunity aren’t the only spaces we recognize as important for marketing recommendations.

We also factor in what you’re currently working on. Oftentimes, what you’re doing at trade shows or through the sales process directly impacts our recommendations in the marketing plan. Further, our recommendations for certain channels are sometimes ‘maintenance’ or ‘slight tweaks.’ This is okay too! Engaging in the Roadmap process does not necessarily mean an overhaul of your marketing efforts. It’s a refinement process of strategically organizing the tactics and channels you market your brand through to get the best results and reach your goals.

You Have the Right Roadmap, Now What?

Our plans are set up to take immediate action to begin realizing your business goals. Through the marketing plan presentation, we’ll prescribe a series of projects through an ongoing partnership cadence that allow us to close the gaps found in the previous phases.

Clients who hire us as their marketing team say that LimeLight helps them:

  • Reduce time spent trying to run their marketing
  • Understand how their marketing campaigns are performing
  • Know the best tactics to reach their goals
  • Keep up to date with marketing technology
  • Create great content and get more customers

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