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How To Use Elepass

How to use ElePass


Your marketing partnership with LimeLight will require some shared credentials. We understand that these logins are the keys to valuable company information and we want to make sure you feel safe sharing this information with us. We utilize a secure credential sharing platform called ElePass. This process allows you to submit the credentials automatically without ever revealing sensitive passwords and logins. 


Your Account Manager will send you a note introducing ElePass, with a link to create your client account. Once you’re logged in, you will receive a form to fill in credentials for the log-ins LimeLight will need access to. Once you submit credentials, they will be securely hidden in ElePass’s platform where LimeLight will automatically have the ability to log-in to accounts – without copying and pasting credentials. We strive to make our onboarding process as simple as possible – and ElePass helps in this initiative. 


Check out this short video that walks through the process of adding passwords to ElePass.