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Granting LimeLight Access To Your Facebook Business Manager or Meta Suite

How to setup a Facebook ad account  


If your Account Manager recommends social media marketing (either organic or paid placements), one of the key actions will be creation of and access to a Facebook Ad Account for your Business profile. Below are the simple steps to setting up your ad account:

  1. Log into your Facebook Business account
  2. Go to Business Settings
  3. Click “Accounts” and click “Ad Accounts”
  4. Select “Create a New Ad Account”
  5. Follow the remaining prompts


How to give LimeLight access


Once the above steps are complete, or if you already have a Facebook Ad Account for your business, LimeLight will request access to the Ad Account. Please send the Ad Account ID to your LimeLight Account Manager and they will then request access. Once you see this request come through, please approve accordingly. 


Watch this video to see a walkthrough of this process.