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Strategic paid media can significantly increase your site traffic and online sales. That’s why we have experts who specialize in it.

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Paid media services

Ecommerce brands trust us because of our success in growing ecommerce sales by more than 200%. Accelerate your online sales with a team of certified paid media experts. Optimize ROAS to work alongside your organic and owned channels. 


Our digital advertising capabilities include:

  • Google & Bing
  • Retargeting
  • Facebook & Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Programmatic advertising


Digital Advertising LimeLight Marketing

Certified Google partner

As a certified Google Partner, we manage Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Google Display campaigns as part of an omni-channel marketing strategy. Leverage our experience and track record to optimize your ROAS.

Paid Media

While organic growth and creative omni channel campaigns can help your business grow, paid media is an essential part of the puzzle.

How LimeLight Marketing Does Paid Media

Paid media services help you effectively promote your content and your company through sponsored means on both the search engines and social media. This can lead to enhanced brand reach, more clicks, more traffic, and higher conversions – and LimeLight Marketing can help to keep it simple and serve up the results you want.

Paid Search

Using a paid search agency means you can connect with relevant customers and deliver ads that effectively hit their target. As part of our paid media services, we offer PPC (pay per click) management that delivers a blend of in-depth data driven strategies, tailored solutions, and extensive use of tried and tested modern marketing tools to ensure your campaigns raise you up and get you in front of your target audience. 

From Google Ads to Bing, whether search engine giant or any other channel, we get results. As a Google Ads agency, we are well versed in the world of Google and can create ad campaigns that strengthen your omnichannel marketing plan. Our paid search services include:

  • PPC consultations 
  • Creative display advertising
  • Retargeting with PPC
  • PPC account audits
  • Adwords management

Paid Social

Bump your brand up in the conversation with paid social media services. With millions of users scrolling their feeds every single day across multiple platforms, we offer paid social campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Whatever angle of display advertising services you’re seeking, our social team combines data-driven tech with the personal approach to deliver transparent and trackable outcomes. 

From brand awareness and reach to diverting traffic, scoring conversions, and accelerating traffic and sales, our paid media experts put you on the path to social success. Our paid social services include: 

  • Planning and research
  • Social account set up
  • Creative ad campaigns
  • Metrics and data 
  • Feedback, reports, and insights

Programmatic & Display Advertising

Align your advertising with consumer behavior with our paid display advertising services. With millions of potential customers surfing the web, interacting with sites, and using their mobile devices on a daily basis, this data is collected and can be used for creative connections – putting your brand in front of your target audience. 

By knowing your consumers’ behavior patterns, the sites they prefer, and how they conduct their time both online and offline, we can fine tune display ad campaigns that are sure to hit the right spot.

Google Shopping

As one of the world’s leading search engines, Google Shopping can put your products directly in front of your audience. In the competitive world of ecommerce, having a presence on Google Shopping ensures that you stand out, visually inspire, and problem solve for your audience. As a certified partner, our team knows all the pathways of Google and can help your company manage and create display based ads that capture your brand’s true ethos. 

Bringing the visual touch to search engine results can trigger a more positive response and lead to higher clicks and conversions in comparison to text based ads. We take the guess and grunt work out of Google Shopping, making it an easy and results-driven experience.

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