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How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media is considered an “owned” platform for brands. Many brands have a presence on multiple platforms, but few brands take full advantage of what the platforms can do for their growth. The goal of organic social is to create a conversation and ultimately, a following of brand advocates who love the products and share the brand’s content with their networks. The brand’s responsibility, then, is to produce desirable, share-worthy content. There is a wide variety of content types brands post, including product details, promotions, value propositions, behind the scenes and product reviews (among many others) on their social pages.

Is your brand taking advantage of social platforms to reach and engage with your target audience? Are you able to measure the impact your efforts on social media? If you’re looking to improve the impact of your brand’s social presence, let’s chat.

How We Approach
Social Media

Social media for ecommerce brands is often a slow growth process with lots of inputs. But, locating your audience and your brand advocates on the appropriate channels can be a game changer for growth. 

Social media always starts with buyer persona identification. Already have those in place? Awesome! We’ll be able to identify where they live, how they interact with brands like yours and a specific strategy to activate their love of your brand (and tell all their friends)! After personas are defined and audiences are located, we’ll move into content planning in a calendar view

After the content calendar is established, we’ll write content and create graphics. A final review takes place, then we schedule through your scheduling tool, or we’ll make a recommendation for one. We have experience with scheduling tools including Hootsuite, Creator Studio, Canva, and more!

Our Goals:

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Drive engagement through social conversations
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Create brand advocates
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Establish thought leadership

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