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Russell Cellular

Delivering 8k+ leads for a major wireless retailer

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Drive smartphone sales with a blended paid media approach

Russell Cellular is a Verizon authorized retailer operating 600+ stores across the US. Aside from leveraging the Verizon brand name, they activate co-op dollars from major device brands to maximize their reach and awareness in the market. Russell Cellular wanted to maximize the value of these co-op dollars through retention (existing customers) and acquisition (new customers) strategies. 

Russell Cellular runs quarterly digital ad campaigns in conjunction with Verizon OEMs, such as Samsung and Google, promoting their latest smartphones and seasonal offers. Russell Cellular approached us to help develop these quarterly campaigns around acquisition and retention audiences to drive purchases and boost their volume of leads and ultimately, volume of devices sold.

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Maximize the value of the co-op dollars

In 2021, Russell Cellular began contracting with LimeLight to build, manage and optimize their paid media campaigns to capture leads across the digital spectrum at a variety of points in the buyer journey. 

LimeLight recommended a holistic SEM approach using paid search, discovery, and programmatic ads — plus targeted emails and organic social media — to promote in-store and online sales of smartphones. This media mix followed the previous agency’s program so we could set a performance baseline.


Build a full-funnel campaign for maximum reach at optimal frequency

Each campaign involved a comprehensive digital approach using SEM, paid digital placements, programmatic ads, paid social, retargeting, organic social, and emails to direct potential customers to unique landing pages. These pages allowed us to track the results and connect with customers at their unique stage in the sales funnel.

To reach the target audiences at each stage of their customer journey, we relied on breadth and depth of digital media placements. An omni-channel, full funnel media approach ensured a strong presence when and where potential customers were most likely to engage with the ad placements.


Expanded placements through testing strategies

Full paid media funnel coverage

Display ads targeting existing and look-alike customers were activated to drive awareness of a product launch or promotion, depending on the OEM offer.

We tracked user behavior and targeted customers through Google Discovery ads. We also retargeted users who initially interacted with brand ads.

Paid social ads were implemented to target existing and lookalike audiences for awareness of deals, promotions and device launches. This included Facebook/Instragram and TikTok placements using primarily video ads.

Paid search was used to secure the conversion. We leverage paid search as a bottom funnel tactic, taking cues from the visitor on search queries. Bing and Google were activated for paid search tactics.

Organic Social

We used Russell Cellular’s social media presence to make followers (retention audience) aware of the promotions and linked to the promotional landing pages.


Customers who had previously signed up to get communications from Russell Cellular received emails with details about the promotions and compelling info on the featured smartphones.

Create unique landing pages to track leads

We created landing pages for each campaign, with traffic funneled solely from the SEM, social, and email links.

The landing pages included options to buy now (which linked to, download a coupon that could be redeemed at Russell Cellular locations, click-to-call, and find the nearest store.



impressions to-date


reduction in ad cost per device sold since partnership launch


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