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Granting LimeLight Access To Your LinkedIn Account

How to setup LimeLight as an admin on an existing LinkedIn company page   


If your Account Manager recommends the use of a LinkedIn Business Account, we will request that you grant admin access to LimeLight Marketing for your Business profile. Below are the simple steps to setting up admin access if the account is already active:

  1. Log into your personal LinkedIn account
  2. Connect with Norbit James
  3. Once the connection has been made, click “Me” in the top bar
  4. Select the appropriate business page
  5. On the business page, select “Admin tools”
  6. Under settings, select “Manage admins”
  7. Search Norbit James, add, click “Save changes”


 *Note: you may only give Norbit James admin access if YOU are an admin to the business page


Watch this video to see a walkthrough of this process.