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Defining the brand for a global ed tech titan

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Increase brand recall and impact through a brand story and creative campaigns

From its headquarters in Italy, Arduino has been designing, crafting, and supporting electronic gear and software for decades. They turn complex technology into child’s play for companies, makers, educators, and students all over the globe.

However, their education division was flying under the radar. Though the overall Arduino brand was well known, educators from K-12 and higher ed were overlooking the tools and services the education division has to help in the classroom. 

Our challenge was to make Arduino Education stand out as the go-to brand for educators in the US and Europe looking to weave more technology into their curriculum.

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THE Opportunity

Arduino Education bridges the gap between technology and creativity

With a wealth of tech and guidance at the ready, Arduino Education has an incredible amount of resources to help educators and students understand a range of technologies and how to apply them in expected ways. Most importantly, the curriculum and online tools they’ve developed teach skills that can be applied in new and wildly unexpected ways. All that to say, their goal is for students and teachers to use the technology in creative ways no one might expect.

Brand archetype & persona

Createchivity from an Engineering Artist

The first step to make sure the Arduino Education brand would be meaningful to educators was to nail down what we wanted it to mean to the audience. This started with interviews and workshops to define brand foundations, including core values, mission & vision, and the brand archetype. At the end of these sessions, we had aligned the brand with the archetype of the Engineering Artist, giving us guidance on how to communicate the brand to the market.

Arduino Education is an Engineering Artist 

The next step was to develop a creative campaign aimed at adventurous educators, showing them how Arduino Education combines creativity and technology to help them shape the innovative problem solvers of tomorrow. How did we do that? With some unexpected visuals and word-smashing that established Arduino Education as the one and only source of Createchivity.