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Lenexa Manufacturing Company

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Showing off capabilities through product videos

Lenexa Manufacturing Company (LMC) is a decades-old family-owned and -operated business specializing in manufacturing equipment that bags and slices bakery products. The owner and team build custom machinery based on unique specifications from the ground up. Often, builds take months, and the sales process takes even longer. 

LMC targets a niche market of bakeries worldwide. So the client was looking for a way to quickly communicate the value, efficiency, and production of their machines. 

  • Brand extension
  • Video and product focused
  • Create product collection consistency
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Sales collateral that wasn’t selling

LMC was getting meetings with prospective machine purchasers, but leads were not closing and were going to larger competitor manufacturers. LMC had a suite of sales collateral including a product catalog and product one-sheets, but these weren’t resonating.

Because the machines LMC builds are complex, they’re difficult to explain over the phone, in a brochure, or through a presentation. Competitor manufacturers were able to rest on their history and reputation of machine manufacturing, but LMC needed a visual way to show that they could deliver to spec.

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Engage all the senses in the sales process

To show off their capabilities, we partnered with LMC to produce machine demo videos with animated text. The goal of the videos was to show the machines in action while also calling out key features that would drive value for customers. By showing the machines in action, prospects could see the value of the machinery first hand.

Along with their suite of sales collateral, LMC would be primed to close more deals for new and refurbished bakery equipment.

The Process

B2B video content process

The Work


When LMC started using product demo videos in their sales calls with prospects, they saw an immediate impact and closed some large deals, including multiple six-figure deals:



with a bakery from Melbourne, Australia for the 7700 Bagel Bagger



for a heat sealing machine in which the machine video was utilized in the sale process


lifetime sales

of AL19 machines in 6 months

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