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Creative Candles

Who is Creative Candles?

Creative Candles out of Kansas City, Missouri makes and distributes premium, handmade candles. Their luxury good is sold through retail stores across the US, direct to photographers and event planners for upscale weddings and events and online to consumers who value premium candles.

About the company

  • Manufacturer of premium goods
  • B2B through Retail Stores & Whitelabel
  • B2C through eCommerce

Raising Brand Awareness in a New Market Segment

Before working with LimeLight, Creative Candles was using digital marketing to reach part of their target audience. Their content strategy was primarily focused on amplifying existing – gorgeous – photos of extravagant weddings and photo shoots staged by photographers and event planners around the US.

That's Where We Come In

Through our branding process and gathering customer insight, we found that while premium candles might seem like a commodity item, what’s really being sold is the experience that is created by adding beautiful, handmade candles to any event or experience.

Brand Development

Working from this position, we created brand messaging that articulates how premium candles meet the needs and wants their target audience – audience empathy. We also wrote everything from a one-sentence overview – the hook – to a brand narrative, message building blocks, value pillars and benefit statements. Part of this process included a logo and brand redesign (coming soon!).

Upon completion of a competitive analysis, we agreed on a content marketing strategy with the goal of reaching a wider customer base, turning social followers and prospects into customers using the existing eCommerce platform and growing revenue.

Content Marketing Strategy

A large part of the marketing strategy is focused on social media content that builds a brand story greater than product-focused candle sales. The content portrays Creative Candles as part of memories and experiences as well as elevated lifestyle scenes.

Using persona-based marketing, we’ve created content that is both engaging and useful. The photos and videos evoke emotion and create a desire to purchase these premium candles that elevate experiences while at the same time provide practical advice for how to add them to a quiet night at home or a memorable life event.

This content strategy is balanced with continuing to show off the amazing photos taken by photographers. Talk about inspiration!

“LimeLight Marketing has done an outstanding job enhancing our content marketing strategy and increasing traffic to all of our social media channels and our website. They have taken a very creative approach to developing marketing content that engages viewers and showcases our products like never before. Thanks to their creativity we have seen our social media traffic increase significantly in the first four months.”

– Keith and Shelley Espelien



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Website revenue

We're just getting started

We’re excited about what the future holds, and the impact we will continue to make. We are using data and insights to plan and optimize social media content and executing in the areas of organic and targeted social and email marketing.