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Interactive Web Design to generate leads


Generate leads through Interactive web design on HubSpot

Paul Mueller was launching a new product called Beer Genius — an all-in-one system for brewing beer at a commercial scale. They wanted to develop a microsite that could generate leads by showing potential customers all the features available with the Beer Genius, as well as how the system could be customized to fit their needs and space. A key feature of the site was the integration of a 3D planner that would allow visitors to see how the systems could be configured to fit the specific dimensions of their brewery.


Tap to Tank

With brewery owners as the target audience, we wanted to create a website that speaks directly to their genuine passion for beer and making beer. The challenge was to meet these brewmasters at an emotional level. 

We flipped the narrative from what competitors were doing. Instead of talking “tank to tap” we went “tap to tank” leading with the Beer Genius benefit that matters most to the brewmasters – great beer served with ease.


Capture attention, drive engagement

We paired the copy thematic with an idea for interactivity on the website. We started with the homepage where we led with a fun visual tap interaction, where each tap would serve as navigation to different paths of the website. Upon click, the tap appears to pull out like an actual tap, and take the visitor to the page. We wanted to ensure the experience captured attention from the start for increased engagement rates on the subsequent pages.


3D interactive brewery builder

The promise of great-tasting, easy-to-serve beer is almost enough to turn viewers into leads, but we wanted to take it a step further. We let brewmasters build their very own 3D dream brewery starting from scratch or beginning with one of our themed brewery templates. Within the 3D builder, they can customize room dimensions, add delete and arrange brewery equipment and more.

This interactive site feature was created through creative and developer collaboration. We went through discovery sessions with the client to fully understand how the Beer Genius is implemented and used by brewers.


Bringing it to life

Paul Mueller

What our
clients say

Stacy Vaughn

“We’ve been really happy with the performance so far. Between our September trade show, Instagram, and new microsite we have definitely created more interest and demand. Very cool to see things come together!”


Product Line Marketing Specialist