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Providing Access to a Google Ads Account

To provide LimeLight Marketing with Manager access to your Google Ads account, log in to the appropriate Google Ads account at

Once logged in, navigate to the top menu bar and click “Help” (or the question mark). Several help articles will be listed. At the bottom of this list will be “Your manager account customer ID: XXX-XXX-XXXX”.

Copy the customer ID number and provide this to the supporting Account Manager or Specialist who requested this. LimeLight Marketing will then request Manager access to the account. An email will be sent to the email associated with the Google Ads account.

Accept this Manager request, and LimeLight Marketing will have the appropriate access.


*If this email link does not work, log back into the Google Ads account.

From here, navigate to the top bar and click “Tools & Settings”. Under “Setup” click “Access and Security”. From this view click “Managers”.

The request for LimeLight Marketing to become a Manager to the account will be listed in this view. Please accept this request.


For any additional questions, please advise the supporting Account Manager or Specialist.