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Best Marketing Videos for Lifestyle Brands

Published on Friday, September 25, 2020

Creating marketing videos is a science – yes, you want your videos to look good, be entertaining, interesting, beautiful, funny, inspiring, etc. – but they have to have a purpose and a goal otherwise your time, effort and budget go nowhere. This is no less true for lifestyle video content, even though on the surface it may seem that image is the most important factor.

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Video Marketing & Lifestyle Brands

We have already looked at the many benefits of video marketing – including the prediction that video will drive more than 82% of consumer internet traffic, and that 90% of consumers say video content helps them make a buying decision – in our video content resource.


Likewise, you’ll find comprehensive information on lifestyle brands in our lifestyle brand marketing resource, so now let’s just dive right into what types of marketing videos work best for lifestyle brands.

The Lifestyle Video

This may seem obvious, but if you’re a lifestyle brand, it’s important to have a video that portrays the lifestyle your target audience aspires to. This type of video content can help your audience imagine how your product fits into their way of life – or the way of life they want to lead – and it inspires them to take action and purchase.


Lifestyle videos focus on the product, but not in the sense of a more factual, detailed product explainer video. Rather, a lifestyle video uses irresistible visuals and action shots to tell a story of what your customer’s life could be like if they purchase your product.


In creating a lifestyle video, it’s important to consider the location, style and culture that appeals to your audience. This type of video content is important at the awareness phase of the customer journey and should give a taste of what your brand and product are all about.


A great example of a brand using video marketing to inspire a lifestyle is women’s clothing retailer Rachel Roy. The brand’s video channel not only showcases its fashion, but also provides sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks at fashion weeks, contains interviews with interesting, relevant people such as designers as well as travel pieces.

Lifestyle Video Ideas

Influencer Videos

There are two great reasons for lifestyle brands to consider working with influencers to create video content:



A lot of influencer videos are do-it-yourself style vlogs, tips and tricks and new product launches – this lends itself to lifestyle brands very well, and also provides ongoing value and builds credibility.


For example, back in 2016 Motorola launched the Moto Z Family and Moto Mods, which allowed you to design your own phone by swapping “mods” in and out. This product was targeted to a young, YouTube-loving audience so Motorola identified various YouTube influencers to launch the phone to as broad an audience as possible. Each influencer created a video as well as social posts, resulting in 11.6 million views, 38.1 million social impressions and 122,000 clicks to the Moto Mods landing page.


Social Media Platforms: Instagram Stories & Facebook Videos

We know that lifestyle brands lend themselves to social media, where you can set your brand apart, reinforcing your message and story and engaging existing consumers by providing social proof to the aspirational members of your brand’s community.


Brand videos account for 40% of the top 1,000 most shared Instagram videos, making Instagram stories a valuable asset for short clips and photos from lifestyle brands. At around 15 seconds in length, this video content can be more relaxed and playful.

Around 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook every day. Facebook videos are slightly longer than Instagram stories and lend themselves better to story-telling with clear visuals and graphics or captions – essential as most Facebook video is watched without sound.


Blender maker Blendtec use Facebook video in two successful, entertaining ways. Firstly, they post ‘how to use your blender’ tutorials, providing recipes and tips and tricks while showcasing how well the product works. Secondly, they have a bit of fun with live video – throwing heavy-duty, non-edible items into the blender and seeing what happens.


Check out our video and lifestyle marketing resources for more content on all aspects of video and lifestyle. You can also contact us for a free lifestyle brand video consultation.




Brandee Johnson
Founder, CEO