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KEY Apparel

94% yearly revenue growth through
email marketing


Activate Email Program

LimeLight Marketing partnered with KEY Apparel, a retail apparel company, to launch their DTC presence. The brand was 110 years old and had a lot of brand fans. But the product was historically only sold through retail chains and wholesale. This was their first strategic venture into direct to consumer ecommerce. Based on the volume of brand fans on social media, activating this DTC buyer path had the potential to be impactful to the client’s bottom line. The goal was to change buyer behavior to purchase direct which drove higher margins and additional customer accessibility for the brand.


Maximize the value of the list while minimizing attrition

We launched email using Klaviyo, starting with core flows and campaigns. Outside of transactional emails, this was the first email marketing initiative from the brand.

The initial list of subscribers had purchased directly in past years. The list rapidly adapted to digital purchase behavior, driven by the email strategy.

The client experienced a growth in baseline revenue of 0% to 20% of total ecommerce revenue attributed to email marketing over the course of the first month by activating a strategic email program. 

We calculated the revenue value of every email subscriber and the ROI on this channel. The objective became clear: strategically increase list size through opt-in conversions to create a snowball effect on revenue.


Activate Klaviyo’s suite of flows, SMS and ramp up send volume

As the list size grew, so did the sophistication of the email channel. Audience acquisition efforts were paying dividends in revenue attributed to email marketing. We saw an opportunity to begin segmenting in addition to expanding flows. 

Immediately, we initiated list segmentation of the following:

  1. Product category
  2. Purchase history
  3. Engagement history

In addition, we expanded ecommerce flows and used segmentation to deliver personalized email experiences.


Scale emails using SMART goals

We balanced list growth with audience behavior of KEY emails. Over time, we increased monthly send volume while keeping unsubscribe and spam at acceptable industry standards.

  • Expanded SMS marketing campaigns
  • Built SMS-specific flows for improved customer experience and engagement

180% YoY email list growth; 94% YoY revenue growth

The impact of email list growth is visible across channel lines. By ensuring our lists were connected to the ecommerce store and within Google, we produced a pipeline of remarketing contacts which boosted other channels’ directly attributable revenue. This played out in Google Ads, Bing and paid social channels. Additionally, we capitalized on SMS marketing by expanding into sales-based campaigns and SMS-specific flows to maintain a direct communication channel with loyal customers.



revenue per month



attributed to email marketing



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