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Rank for top-of-funnel
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Backyard Discovery is a leading brand in the premium outdoor living space. LimeLight partnered with them to create content to convey their unique value propositions and capture top-of-funnel shoppers through SEO

Their gazebos and pergolas are uniquely positioned by their PRO-TECT® Certification, representing superior design and quality offering wind resistance, roof strength, and heat transfer reduction.


Increased competition;
harder to differentiate

There was high demand in the market for gazebos and pergolas with an increase in competitors offering cheaper, lower quality options. Backyard Discovery and their network of retailers including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Sam’s Club and others, ranked on page 1 in search engines for branded terms and general product terms such as “gazebos” and “pergolas.” 

The problem was that they weren’t ranking on non-branded research terms such as “what’s the best all season gazebo?” or “wind resistant gazebos.” They were losing opportunities with quality-conscious consumers who value durability in their outdoor structures.


A content rich hub
to convey USPs

There were a variety of possible ways to solve this challenge. Backyard Discovery already had a blog, but they needed something more prominent on their Shopify website that would educate shoppers of their unique quality, features, and benefits. 

LimeLight proposed a multi-pronged approach, including adding a new section to the website filled with informational content, videos, and photos to convey the Backyard Discovery difference. This would draw in the top-of-funnel traffic. 

Once the traffic hit the site, they needed to communicate the Backyard Discovery difference in a compelling and memorable way. Our approach was to leverage their PRO-TECT® Certfication with descriptive copy, videos, and UGC to differentiate Backyard Discovery products. 

Visual Branding

LimeLight created a new visual identity for Backyard Discovery’s
PRO-TECT® Certification.

Content Creation

As we created the content, we wrapped it within the theme of “Strength Is Style.” This set the tone and messaging direction for the content. 

The content hub, laced with keyword-rich content, launched with 10 rich pages of content featuring video, animations, photos and UGC that convey the Backyard Discovery difference.

User Testing

To validate that our content and website structure resonated with shoppers, answered their questions, and was easy to navigate, we conducted user testing. 

Through this process we gained confirmation on what worked well and collected feedback where users were confused — which led to some tweaks and optimizations on the site.

When asked at the end of the test what “PRO-TECT® Certified” meant, and how Backyard Discovery products differ from others, 100% of users recited specific details that proved out an increased understanding of quality differentiators.


Overall Organic Improvement

Gained over 300 relevant organic keywords for positions 1-3 within first 3 months after launch



in overall organic keywords in first 3 months after launch



ranking increase for positions 1-3



in non-branded relevant keywords