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Koch Industries

134% year-over-year conversion volume increase for the largest private business in America


Increase lead volume through paid ads investment

Koch Industries is a multinational company that creates and innovates a wide spectrum of products and services that make life better. They do so responsibly while consuming fewer resources. The Koch umbrella includes a variety of companies in the fuel, gas, and energy sectors. LimeLight began a partnership with one company, John Zink, and expanded the relationship with additional Koch entities through proven performance and account service. 

In early 2019, a B2B Fortune 500 company reached out to LimeLight with a need to increase their lead volume from paid channels. They partnered with us to manage paid media for their family of brands.

The corporation had run paid media in-house for 18 months prior to partnering with LimeLight’s media team. Each sub-brand had run its own ad account. They were looking for a strategic ad partnership to manage a group of the sub-brands for enhanced performance. That included mid-bottom funnel activation of their industry and branded keywords to increase lead volume. LimeLight got to work.


Delivering channel expertise to a diverse team and talent set

Koch was looking for channel expertise to run their paid media channels and improve performance in each sector. While Koch has a talented team of marketing professionals on staff, the need arose for deep knowledge of paid search, with the added commitment from the agency for industry research and understanding. Together, we knew that a very specific target was needed for each of the individual businesses, and LimeLight’s attention to detail, ability to research, and understanding of unique personas fit the bill.


Test, evaluate, iterate

Since launching in 2018 with one brand, John Zink, the relationship has grown to include eight brands running a variety of paid search and paid social strategies. The relationship with Koch Industries expanded through positive performance and analytics evaluation. Each year, LimeLight was able to deliver improved performance to reach each specific business entity’s objectives.

The Work

In partnership with Koch Industries’ continued guidance on keyword honing, LimeLight was able to focus on paid search strategies. In late 2021, Koch expanded its partnership with LimeLight to include LinkedIn advertising. Key performance indicators (KPIs) measured for improvement included conversion volume, cost per click (CPC), click-through rates (CTRs), focused targeting for niche audiences, and cost per conversion. In the first year, the sub-brands saw improvements in their metrics across all priority KPIs. These improvements were made through focused optimizations of the existing campaign builds. We spent time getting to know the brand. Their products and services are highly technical and very niche. So the targeting needed to be pinpoint accurate to achieve positive results. After evaluating the account, improvements were made on quality long-tail keywords, which allowed us to reach the right users. Through continued optimizations and iterating, we achieved an optimal setup to engage the right audience, at the right time, in the right location with appropriate ad content.


134% year-over-year growth

The results produced for Koch Industries’ family of brands drove positive business impacts that allowed their sales team to scale.



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in cost per click



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in conversion volume

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