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Brand Development

Brand Development services provided by LimeLight Marketing, a digital marketing agency.

Create an Unforgettable
Brand Story

At the heart of amazing content, is a well defined and articulated brand story. A story that connects people and instills in them a feeling worth sharing. Your brand is the cohesive collection of words, phrases, and images that define who you are and set you apart from your competition. Effective brand development enables you to tell bold stories. Wherever you’re at on your brand journey, we can provide consultation, strategy and creative direction to help you discover and tell your best brand story.

Defining Your Brand Story

Do you struggle to articulate the value your brand provides through a compelling story that resonates and builds loyal customers? Our Brand Guide helps you discover and articulate your best story. Through this process, we guide in developing and articulating words that convey who you are, what you do, your unique value proposition, and your value pillars. We shape that into a bold brand narrative. The result is a Brand Guide that enables you to write, post, tweet and tell a consistent and compelling story that attracts and engages your customers. This lays the foundation for amazing growth-driven content.

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Story of Success

Delivering Measurable Results

We’ve helped Creative Candles grow their luxury goods business through a content marketing strategy. Watch our video to hear more about the growth they’ve seen from their marketing program.

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