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Brand development

Does your ecommerce brand need help? We can answer that — and fix it, if needed.

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Brand services

We partner with ecommerce companies at each stage of their brand journey to build and strengthen this valuable asset and to weave your brand identity and tone throughout the shopper experience. 

Our brand development capabilities include:

  • Mission, vision, values
  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Positioning
  • Brand character
  • Logo creation & enhancement
  • Typography & color palette
  • Imagery guidelines
  • Copy tone

What do we mean by branding?

We’re glad you asked. We look at the foundations of what your brand stands for, identify key audiences and positioning, then create a look and feel to tell a compelling story to people who will want to hear and will then want to buy from you.

One process. Three parts.

Brand Pulse Graphic

Brand Pulse

We’ll conduct 1-2 collaborative workshops to identify and define the fundamental principles at the heart of your brand. This will give everyone who represents or touches the brand a shared and meaningful starting point.

The results

  • Brand pulse (ultimate guiding principle)
  • Core values
Brand Purpose Graphic

Brand Purpose

Via interviews and information gathering on where your company is today, who you’re targeting, and what your long-term goals are, we’ll give clear shape to what you’ll be communicating and why it matters to your audience.

The results

  • Brand mission & vision
  • Brand benefits
  • Brand promise
  • Market  & competitor analysis
  • Customer/audience identification
  • Brand positioning
Brand Persona Graphic

Brand Persona

We’ll put a look and voice on your brand that reflects your beliefs and connects with your target audience. To keep it consistent, a thorough brand guideline is created with details to ensure everyone who works on the brand is furthering the same persona.

The results

  • Brand character
  • Logo creation & enhancement
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Imagery guidelines
  • Copy tone
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Client testimonial

Watch how we helped thirty9, a premium D2C ecommerce brand, define, create, and build a brand.

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Story of success

Reigniting a premium brand

We’ve helped Creative Candles evolve and grow their luxury goods brand, starting with brand strategy, messaging and identity and then pulling that through a multi-channel content marketing approach. Watch the video to hear about their brand growth.

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