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Russell Cellular Samsung Quarterly Campaigns

A holistic SEM approach using paid search, discovery, and programmatic ads — plus targeted emails and organic social media — to promote in-store and online sales of smartphones.

reduction in ad cost per device sold since campaign launch
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About Russell Cellular

Russell Cellular is a Verizon Authorized Retailer and “Big 6” agent, with more than 600 locations across the country, employing thousands of team members. They began in 1993 with a motivated and aspiring Jeff Russell selling mobile phones from the trunk of his car, and have grown to become a nationwide leader in the wireless industry.

The project

Russell Cellular runs quarterly digital ad campaigns in conjunction with Verizon OEMs, such as Samsung and Google, promoting their latest smartphones and seasonal savings. Russell Cellular approached us to help develop these quarterly campaigns around acquisition and retention audiences to drive purchases and boost their volume of leads and ultimately, volume of devices sold. 


Each campaign involved a comprehensive digital approach using, SEM, paid digital placements, organic social media, and emails to direct potential customers to unique landing pages that allowed us to track the results and connect visitors to the sales funnel.

1. Identify keywords for SEM development

Referencing the target audience and devices, keywords were identified for use in paid search, discovery, and programmatic display ads.

LimeLight Marketing - Russell Cellular Featured Work

2. Generate creative ad executions

Working in tandem with OEM, Verizon, and Russell Cellular brand guidelines, we created HTML5 ad concepts to connect the featured devices with moments that matter in the lives of the audiences.

3. Paid search, programmatic display, and discovery placements

To reach the target audiences at each state of their customer journey, we relied on breadth and depth of digital media placements. An omni-channel, full funnel media approach ensured a strong presence when and where potential customers were most likely to engage with the ad placements. Each campaign linked directly to a unique promotional landing page.

LimeLight Marketing - Featured Work Russell Cellular Paid Search

4. Tie in with social media

We used Russell Cellular’s social media presence to make followers aware of the promotions and linked to the promotional landing pages.

LimeLight Marketing - Featured Work Russell Cellular

5. Make current customers aware via email

Customers who had previously signed up to get communications from Russell Cellular received emails with details about the promotions and compelling info on the featured smartphones.

LimeLight Marketing - Russell Cellular Current Customers

6. Create unique landing pages to track data and capture leads

  • We created landing pages for each campaign, with traffic funneled solely from the SEM, social, and email links. 
  • The landing pages included options to buy now (which linked to, download a coupon that could be redeemed at Russell Cellular locations, click to call, and find the nearest store.

The results

LimeLight Marketing - Impressions Increases, Russell Cellular

Millions of impressions with target audiences

The campaigns combined for more than 30 million impressions over separate 3-month periods.

LimeLight Marketing , Russell Cellular Featured Work

Thousands of conversions

Total conversions across the different campaigns resulted in thousands of sales in-store at Russell Cellular locations, as well as online at

LimeLight Marketing - Russell Cellular Featured Work

Holistic SEM success

The balance of paid search, discovery, and programmatic display ads provided robust coverage and showed success by varying amounts in impressions, CTR, clicks, and conversion rates. The full funnel approach ensured potential leads received a message that drove them to the next phase of the funnel.

LimeLight Marketing - Featured Work Russell Cellular

Excellent data for future campaigns

By tracking the engagement of featured keywords, future campaigns for each OEM will be refined and built around those with the highest interaction rates.

Data on the success of the separate campaigns is informing our recommendations for how and when to use each tactic in upcoming efforts, and when remarketing will be ideal.

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