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Educators today are managing more responsibilities than ever. First and foremost they want to make tomorrow better through student development. We understand what motivates these educators and how they spend their precious, limited time. 

These visionaries inspire and guide. That’s why we help education businesses identify their audiences and connect in ways that resonate with educators and compel them to take meaningful action. With years of experience and plenty of education under our belt, we’re highly schooled and skilled in the education vertical.

Work that works

Brand Experience

Since the agency launched in 2015, we’ve been working in education. Well-established or from the ground up, we’ve worked with all manner of education brands and have learned a lot along the way.

Pitsco Education
Arduino Education
Center of community supports
Educate Kansas
Lego Education
Pitt State
Everskills Alliance
Tufts University

Education Brands Partnering with LimeLight

With a combined 40 years of experience in education marketing, the LimeLight team knows how educators and students think. Understanding teachers’ passions requires a deep understanding of the complex systems they work within. Simply put, we understand the education market and we’re here to help build, foster, and grow education-based brands and experiences.