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Team Retreat 2023: The LimeLight Challenge

Published on Tuesday, June 13, 2023
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Each summer the entire LimeLight team gathers for a company retreat to recalibrate, bond, and spark inspiration. This year, with the theme of “The LimeLight Challenge,” the sessions were both eye-opening and enriching.

From team challenges to thought-provoking seminars, each moment was designed to shine a light on our strengths and inspire us to embrace new horizons.

The benefits, though, weren’t just in the lessons we learned, but in the genuine camaraderie that sparkled throughout. We laughed together, shared Hot Topics, and built many bonds over the course of two days and nights.

Some of the highlights included celebrating the work and accolades LimeLight earned over the past year, minute-to-win-it challenges, a scavenger hunt, as well as informative sessions on social media strategy, campaign development, the role of generative AI in marketing, and more.

As the retreat came to a close and we transitioned back into our full-on client focus, one thing was clear: we aren’t just getting by in this ever-evolving business landscape — we’re thriving, learning, and getting better together.




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