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How to Build a Purpose Driven Ecommerce Brand

Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

In the 21st century, consumer culture has changed and ethical capitalism is becoming more than just a marketing buzzword. Shifts in marketing and sales are often a reflection of the times and today’s consumer (weighed down with climate change, the pandemic, and issues around equality and other global topics) wants to shop with a sense of purpose. The statistics back this up and show that a huge 82% of consumers only want to buy products that align with their values and morals. 

What is a Purpose Driven Ecommerce Brand?

A purpose driven brand is a brand that aligns with a core value or deep belief. As a purpose driven brand, you’re aiming to meet the demands of society or solve a problem – and this approach will seep into everything you do. A purpose driven ecommerce brand will often find an emotional purpose to connect with their customer, or connect with something larger – like philanthropy, environmentalism and sustainability, or giving back to the community and world in some way.

LimeLight Marketing - Building a Purpose Driven Brand


Why Consumers Want Purpose Driven Products

Dig a little deeper into pop psychology and you’ll discover many reasons why purpose driven brands matter. With a world of information at their fingertips, today’s consumer is more aware of global issues than ever. There is also more choice than ever when it comes to their purchases, which means consumers can think a little deeper when it comes to their decision making process.

Consumer behavior is considered to be inherently social, meaning that whatever purchase decisions we make says something about us and our choices to other people. As we often want to be seen as ‘good’, we can make purchase decisions that reflect that need. According to studies, 88% of consumers feel like they are making a difference when they buy from a purpose driven company. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Benefits of a Purpose Driven Ecommerce Brand

Increase sales

Building a purpose driven ecommerce brand comes with many benefits. One of the most important benefits is that it can increase your sales. We know that consumers are more likely to buy from a purpose driven brand. What’s more, consumers are also willing to pay more for a product from a purpose driven brand and will consider switching from their usual brand to a new brand if your business has a purpose driven ethos.

Deepen connections

Building a purpose driven ecommerce brand is a great way to connect or reconnect with your customers. Not only can you forge deep, longer lasting bonds with your customers, but if you strike the right note in your brand marketing, 72% of your customers will be more likely to advocate for you. 

LimeLight Marketing - Building a Purpose Driven Brand

Have an impact

There are several ways in which building a purpose driven brand increases your impact. Not only does it have an impact on your brand by deepening customer loyalty, adding to sales, and creating more visibility around your ecommerce brand, but it also has a dynamic impact on the world. Making a positive contribution to the environment, your community, or anything that your brand is passionate about, can have lasting positive effects. If every brand was committed to being purpose driven in some way, we really could change the world!

How to Build a Purpose Driven Ecommerce Brand

1. Pick a purpose

To build a purpose driven brand the first thing you need to do is to find your purpose. Knowing what you are passionate about and what motivates you and your ecommerce business can help you to understand the WHY behind your brand. It doesn’t have to be philanthropic – it just needs to be authentic and something that reaches beyond the desire for profit.

2. Be authentic

Greenwashing won’t do in 2022 and beyond. Consumers are very good at spotting marketing spin and are tuned in to look for authenticity when it comes to a brand’s purpose. That’s why it’s important to pick an avenue you care about and commit to it. Authenticity, whether in philanthropy or purpose, is the key to making this work for your brand. Another element to consider is transparency, which will help to deepen trust. If you build your brand purpose from a place of authenticity and transparency, your brand is sure to thrive.

LimeLight Marketing - Building a Purpose Driven Brand

3. Share your story

Keep sharing your story and your purpose in all of your ecommerce marketing materials. It’s important to communicate your cause and to weave it into your narrative and across all content. This can be done in a number of creative ways, for example:

  • A webpage dedicated to explaining the ‘why’ behind your brand
  • A blog post
  • An email marketing campaign
  • Social media
  • Video content
  • influencer marketing

Just make sure that your story is consistent and stays aligned with your vision and purpose.

4. Be committed

Commitment to your cause matters. If you are committed and consistent in your belief when building a purpose driven brand, you can drive your message home and connect with your audience. The aim is to maintain engagement. By being clear and committed to your message across all touchpoints, your customers will start to connect the dots and associate your brand with your chosen purpose.

5. Take action

Actions speak louder than words – or at least one cannot exist without the other. Even if you’re vocal about your purpose driven brand and work it into the very fabric of your ecommerce company, you still need to put some weight into the action side of things. That could be making the effort to go sustainable, supporting your local community, going that extra mile, or doing what you can to make a lasting impact. Don’t forget to track results and share them with your audience.

Building a purpose driven brand isn’t an overnight job but it is a step that can have huge lasting power, not just on your customers but on your own success and the world at large. With an authentic vision, a commitment to action, and the right communication, you can create an ecommerce company that stands out for all the right reasons.

Brandee Johnson
Founder, CEO