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Mahsa Dehghan 


Mahsa Dehghan is a creative powerhouse with a global perspective, blending the best of international advertising and marketing with Midwestern charm. Before joining LimeLight Marketing, she made waves in Iran and Dubai as a graphic designer, bringing bold visuals and vibrant ideas to life. After migrating to the U.S., she pursued her master’s degree in graphic design at Pittsburg State University and revamped the university’s graphics.


“Be Kind To Every Kind”

Mahsa brings positive energy to the team, whether she’s crafting impactful designs, animations, or social ideas. Mahsa enjoys tending to her indoor plants, lighting candles, and whipping up Persian delicacies—all while literally dancing with joy. At LimeLight, she thrives on the friendly environment and the diverse projects that span from bakeries to swing sets.

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Favorite motto

“Be kind to every kind”

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When not working, I’m happiest

Going to theaters and getting on roller coasters.

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What do you want to make sure you do before you die?

I have a bucket list of 60 things I wanna do but some of them are: flying a helicopter, traveling to Egypt, scuba diving, and touching a big sea turtle.

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Favorite movie genre