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Limelight Marketing Team Member Kristina

Kristina Murdaugh

Senior Web Specialist

Kristina found her way into a marketing career pretty much the same way everyone else does: writing comics and developing her own radio plays. Wait. Huh? Well, these comics and plays needed a place to live, so she taught herself HTML and started making websites. The rest, as they say, is, well, also kinda weird, but it works for her.

“Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” – Jake the Dog

She grew up in Springfield, Missouri but has also lived in Sakaiminato, Japan. She now lives in Kansas City with her husband and “an embarrassingly high number of adorable stuffed seals.” She has a bachelor’s degree in technical writing from Missouri State University and specializes in writing training materials and breaking technical concepts down into layman’s terms.

She still does radio voiceovers from time to time on a freelance basis.

limelight marketing Team Member Kristina

Quick Facts

before you die icon

What do you want to make sure you do before you die?

Visit all of the major theme parks in the U.S.

team cats or dogs icon

Cats, dogs, or others?

I am absolutely a dog person. The bigger and more rambunctious the dog, the better.

interest icon another life

In another life,

I’m pretty sure I was a bird. That’s why I’m afraid of wind turbines.

happy hour icon

What’s your go-to happy hour order?

Comically large tropical drinks. The more umbrellas the better.