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How To Use Basecamp

How to use Basecamp


LimeLight uses a tool called Basecamp to communicate with clients and share files. Basecamp is a project management tool that allows for increased efficiency and organization.


Each LimeLight client is set up with a Basecamp account, so you’ll get your invitation as we start working together. Your company contacts will be added to your Basecamp – so be sure to let them know who you’d like to collaborate on projects. 


Basecamp runs on ‘posts’. Each topic will be its own ‘post’ thread. Both you and your Account Manager will be able to start new posts. Anyone creating and responding to messages has the ability to select who needs to receive each message added to Basecamp. 


Basecamp messages will populate into your email account. You can answer Basecamp messages directly from your email – there’s no need to log into Basecamp to review and respond to messages. Note: responding to Basecamp messages from your email will circulate the message to all those who are included in the post thread. 


Check out this short walk-through video to see how we’ll be using Basecamp with your account.