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Justin Peternell

Justin Peternell

Senior Project Manager

Originally from Carthage, MO, Justin came to Limelight with years of experience in marketing and project management, and a healthy dose of Jayhawk pride as a KU alum. He helps our clients grow their business by making sure everyone on our team is effectively assigned to tasks and following through on their projects. When that includes managing 20+ people across dozens of clients and hundreds of projects, Justin is a busy Jayhawk.

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” – The Big Lebowski

Justin has an affinity, or maybe just a habit for loving people with multi-noun names. He doesn’t live in Texas, but he deeply loves Dallas (his wife). He’s always wanted a McLaren, and he now has one to travel with rather than drive (his daughter). And his son, Jax, well, that one’s more straightforward. When he’s not working, there’s a good chance he’ll be relaxing and having fun with all of them.

Limelight Team Member: Justin Peternell and family

Quick Facts

interest icon another life

In another life,
I’m pretty sure I was shorter.

childhood memory icon

What’s your happiest childhood memory?
Traveling with my Grandpa in his motorhome to a motorhome rally in Indiana.

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What advice would you give someone who wants to join our team?
Know you’re making a great decision to work at LimeLight and embrace the culture.

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If I could invent a holiday,
it would definitely involve mandatory alcohol and yard games.