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Caleb Smith

Senior Development Manager

Caleb grew up on the outskirts of Bartlesville, OK, and pretty much took the expected path to programming. You know, the one where he’s homeschooled for most of his childhood education, goes to college and gets a BS in Marketing, then an MBA, all the while teaching himself to code for 15+ years! With a brain like his, Caleb could’ve gone a million different directions. The one he chose involved working at LEGO Education right out of college and then forming a development company with John Kuefler before becoming part of LimeLight.

“I do that quite a lot, yet people are always surprised” – Cpt. Jack Sparrow

When he’s not writing code — which he loves to do every day — you might witness Caleb ripping through speedruns of old video games, like Zelda or Super Mario 64, or spending time with his wife and two dogs. If you don’t find him doing one of those things, there’s a chance he’s snuck off and managed to get to the E3 conference. Why? Because the man wants to go to it! If you can get tickets to him, please send them to [email protected]’

Limelight Team Member: Caleb Smith

Quick Facts

interest icon another life

In another life,
I’m pretty sure I was suffering without internet access.

new advice icon

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Your future is fluid and not locked in. Always look for opportunities to grow in every aspect of your life and avoid being comfortable for too long.

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If I could invent a holiday,
It would definitely involve Canadian bacon pizza.

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Cats or dogs? Or other?
Hamsters. They are such curious creatures and are really fun to watch. If only they didn’t stink so bad!