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Creative Content

Content Marketing is at the heart of digital marketing. Companies who share their expertise and publish information that is educational and interesting to their customers and prospects, rank higher in online search results, increase their social media engagement, and engage with prospects earlier in the buying process. But the bar is constantly rising for high quality content that cuts through the clutter and actually works. Marketing teams often find it difficult to find the time that is required to consistently generate engaging content that motivates their customers and prospects to take action. That’s where we can help. LimeLight Marketing creates a sticky way to tell and share your story and your expertise. We do this to help you create awareness, engagement, leads, and sales for your company. Engaging videos, ebooks, infographics and blog content are just a few of the most common types of content brands that we use to help companies attract and engage with their target audience.

Content Strategy

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan would you? Likewise, creating content without a strategy creates cracks in the foundation and will result in a frustrated marketing team who is puzzled that their content isn’t generating results. A content strategy ensures your content reaches and resonates with your prospects and customers. We help our clients define measurable goals for your content and create a plan that encompasses buyer personas, SEO, the right channels, a content calendar and the appropriate resources for content marketing success.

Content Development

Engaging video, informational blogs, insightful infographics, and educational ebooks are a few of the types of content marketing our team creates to help you attract and engage prospects and customers. We create content with a purpose that is aligned to your business goals.

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