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Building a direct-to-consumer food brand and ecommerce site from the ground up

About Straight Up Bison

Founded by Fabiola Corvera-Stimeling and her husband, Doug Stimeling, Straight Up Bison is a brand offering ethically raised, 100% grass-fed bison meat to those looking for a healthier, more sustainable red meat. Every bison roams freely on the plains of the midwest, and every customer can buy the meat exclusively from their online store.

The project

When Fabiola approached us, the business was in its infancy. She had a solid plan for the practices and processes that would define Straight Up Bison, but had yet to develop the brand persona. Beginning with an exploration into the pulse and purpose of the brand, LimeLight Marketing developed the voice, visual identity, ecommerce website, and marketing roadmap.

LimeLight Marketing Featured Work for Straight Up Bison The Project

Brand voice & visual identity

The Straight Up Bison brand is defined by its commitment to goodness — both in terms of how the bison are raised and harvested, as well as providing outstanding meat and meals ideas to its customers. The voice and visual identity were crafted to reflect this passion and commitment by remaining clear, focused, and without unnecessary embellishment. The interlocking S and U of the logo come together to form a distinctive bison representation, and the overall color palette positions the brand as part of a cleaner, more responsible lifestyle.

Ecommerce website

Straight Up Bison sells directly to consumers online, and LimeLight was tasked with building a site with UI and UX that would connect emotionally with the audience while also making the buying process simple and easy. The result is a site that tells the full Straight Up Bison story — from its inception to brand and product benefits — and allows customers to quickly find and buy the bison product that’s perfect for them.

LimeLight Marketing Featured Work for Straight Up Bison Ecommerce Website

Social & paid media

Because we were creating the initial market presence of Straight Up Bison, social and paid media were essential tools in helping consumers find and fall in love with the brand. In social channels, we carried the brand voice and visuals through to tell the company story and help Fabiola connect with her audience, and vice versa. With paid media, we applied an SEO strategy to weave in valuable search terms to make sure Straight Up Bison was being seen by consumers who were seeking bison meat or healthier meals, and driving them to the site.

"Wow!!! I absolutely love it! I can't believe how beautiful the design is. It gave me chills to read the Website Content. Thank you for bringing my brand to life in this way.

Fabiola Corvera-Stimeling

Owner - Straight Up Bison

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