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Russell Cellular Brand Foundations

Developing guiding principles, core values, brand positioning, brand character, and more for a customer-focused, family-based company.

About Russell Cellular

Russell Cellular is a Verizon Authorized Retailer and “Big 6” agent, with more than 600 locations across the country, employing thousands of team members. They began in 1993 with a motivated and aspiring Jeff Russell selling mobile phones from the trunk of his car, and have grown to become a nationwide leader in the wireless industry.

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The project

Russell Cellular has always had a strong moral core — dedicated to helping their team members and committed to doing everything they can to solve customers’ needs. This approach has allowed them to become a highly successful company both in terms of culture and bottom-line business. However, they’d never formalized their brand guidelines. 

They approached LimeLight to work arm-in-arm with them to solidify the foundational principles of the company, refine their key brand attributes for customers, and define brand characteristics for messaging. We walked them through our full Pulse-Purpose-Persona branding process and captured everything they needed in a comprehensive (and beautiful) brand guidelines document.

1. Identify the Brand Pulse

  • Conducted multiple on-site and remote interviews with key members of the Russell Cellular team
  • Defined the ultimate “Why” for everything they do as “Care — for every person,” reflecting their individualized approach to customer service and professional growth for their team members
  • Identified core values of “Integrity, Expertise, Initiative, and Service” that are embodied in the professional behavior of every person who works at Russell Cellular
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2. Define and refine the Brand Purpose

  • Based on information gathered in Brand Pulse meetings, we began to define the company mission, vision, brand benefits, brand promise, and brand positioning
  • Each phase reflected the goals of personalized care, best-in-class products, and unforgettable service taught and celebrated at every Russell Cellular store
  • Additionally, each piece built on the collective belief that Russell Cellular stands out by lifting others — by being better together
  • Elements were shared with Russell Cellular and refined through feedback and further collaboration
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3. Shape the Brand Persona

  • Identified key character traits that will guide the brand verbally and visually going forward
  • A sliding scale of characteristics provided guidance on how optimism, trustworthiness, dedication, relevance, and other essential traits would come to life in brand communications
  • Copy tone guidelines defined easily applicable rules to follow when writing for the brand to ensure every message that goes out still creates the personal connections found in the Brand Pulse and Purpose
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4. Weave it all into the Brand Guidelines

We combined the brand elements gathered and created above with details on logo usage, typography, brand colors, photography, illustrations, social media, and video

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The results

LimeLight Marketing - Featured Work Russell Cellular Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines with all the goods

The final deliverable was a thorough and robust 72-page brand guidelines with details on the all brand elements — from values to visuals — in a single document that can be shared with anyone working on the Russell Cellular brand

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A clear sense of purpose

Though most team members had a good idea of what the company stood for, the Brand Guidelines created a common language and helped clarify the caring heart at the core of Russell Cellular brand and how that foundation comes to life through personal connections and outstanding service

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