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About Progressive Products

Progressive Products are specialists in pneumatic conveying elbows for dry bulk materials. Operating since 1979, they are a B2B manufacturer selling nationwide through wholesale and retail to an extremely niche market of pneumatic conveying OEMs, sales engineers, technical and development engineers, wholesalers, and end-users across multiple industries.

The project

Progressive Products engaged LimeLight Marketing when governmental and regulatory challenges created a threat to business growth. They wanted to offset these challenges by accelerating growth through a robust, long-term digital marketing strategy that would generate quality leads for their sales team.

Marketing roadmap

  • Complete assessment of Progressive Products’ digital and competitive footprint.
  • We conducted surveys to gain insight into how customers make purchasing decisions and what their opinions and perspectives were of the brand.
  • The insights we gathered at this initial stage showed us where we could make improvements and where there were gaps, and ultimately informed the digital marketing strategy we created.

Inbound marketing strategy

  • Working in such a tight B2B niche industry, we’ve used an inbound marketing strategy supported by some outbound efforts.
  • We were able to repurpose some of the existing content that Progressive Products was using in their sales process to enhance their online content.

Content marketing

  • We built a comprehensive content strategy targeted towards KPIs.
  • In addition to an authoritative, informative pillar page – A Guide to Pneumatic Conveying Elbows – we launched a blog and created videos with the objective of educating prospects and customers, and nurturing them through the various stages of their path to purchase.

Website redesign

  • The roadmap assessment showed a need for an enhanced website with improved SEO, optimization for inbound marketing, and a digital foundation from which they could publish content.
  • We launched a simple website with base content and have used a growth-driven design approach to build the site out over time with new content, videos, pillar pages, and information that is useful to the Progressive Products target audience.
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The results

  •  +100% overall increase in website traffic within six months
  • #1 ranking on most desired keyword within nine months
  • Earned over 35 top keyword placements within the top 10 spots on Google
  • 50% increase in leads generated from the website

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