Powershades | LimeLight Marketing

About the client

Powershades provides state-of-the-art window treatment technology with their motorized and automated window treatments for residential and commercial customers.

Creating a Visual Brand Identity & Brand Message

As a start-up company with a big vision, Powershades needed to create an identity.  With no product to base ideas off of, we listened to the owners as they described their plan for their company and brought it to life a brand identity and brand messaging. 

The brand identity includes logos, color palette, font family, and business cards. We also developed a brand messaging framework based on their unique position in the market that included tone of voice and buyer personas for the company. This document provided a foundation for writing website copy aligned to an SEO strategy.

Custom Ecommerce Website

With direct-to-consumer sales occurring primarily online, an eCommerce website with great user experience and an easy checkout process was a must. Using the website to drive sales, we started with the “why” on the homepage, describe “how” the product integrates into your home on content pages, and sell the “why” on the product pages. 

The site was built with a user-friendly content management system that enables the client to quickly and easily update content, products, and pull orders. 

Simplifying a Complex, Customized Purchase

A guiding principle in eCommerce design is to reduce the number of steps to check out. One of the ways Powershades differentiates itself from competitors is by offering a fully customizable window covering. Creating a simple, smooth checkout while meeting the complex requirements of multiple product variations required UI with the end user in mind.

At the top of the product detail page, we collect the most commonly known information – window size, fabric type, etc. Once entered, customers are moved into the customization stage. We use iconography, simple form fields, and brand-friendly messaging to walk them through the process in an efficient way that increases conversion.

Check it out and see what you think.