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Jake’s Fireworks

About the client

When it comes to bringing family and friends together for a lights-out party, Jake’s Fireworks is a master-mind. The largest firework dealer in the U.S, this family owned and operated business makes a big bang (literally) by providing top quality fireworks.

Lighting It Up With a Boom...A Marketing Boom

Fireworks, family, friends, patriotism, celebration. For some, these words go hand-in-hand. For others, it’s the excitement of the explosion, the barrage of rapid fire, or the grand finale that makes your heart pound in your chest. For Jake’s Fireworks, it’s all of the above.

Print Materials

Dealer Recruitment Campaign

Jake’s Fireworks ran a multi-channel digital marketing campaign to recruit new dealers. An ebook was used as gated content that drove to a landing page optimized for lead generation. An infographic, social content, and emails supported this integrated campaign which generated leads for the sales team.

Social Media Campaigns