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Learn how we helped DH Pace open doors with a corporate communication framework.

Brand Messaging

DH Pace is a national distributor of doors and related products. You’ve probably recognize their parent company Overhead Door. DH Pace came to LimeLight Marketing seeking help to develop brand messaging. They wanted to tell their brand story better to both employees and customers. Working with a broad and deep business model, multiple brands, various distribution models, and a national focus – there was a lot to say! We were happy to take on the challenge of honing in on and articulating a big message in a concise and compelling way.

We conducted research, a series of executive interviews, and hosted workshops with different departments within the company to understand what makes DH Pace unique. This led us to a brand communication framework that included a new mission statement, values, brand promise, mission statement, and buyer personas.

Messaging For Each Persona

Prior to this work, DH Pace created marketing and sales materials uniformly for the different industries they serve. Yet each industry and persona had unique challenges, used industry-specific terminology, and used DH Pace products in their own unique ways. Leveraging the new brand messaging, we wrote targeted brand stories and messaging for each of the verticals (industries) they serve, then designed brochures that resonate with each persona. DH Pace now develops marketing campaigns, website content, and sales materials in a more personalized and relevant way.


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