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Creative Candles

LimeLight helped this premium candle company light up their marketing.

Creative Candles & LimeLight Marketing

Creative Candles produces premium, handmade candles. Their luxury good is sold through retail stores across the US, direct to photographers and event planners for upscale weddings and events and online to consumers who value premium candles. Creative Candle owners came to LimeLight looking to update their logo and brand image and they were also underwhelmed with their marketing results.


The Opportunity

Creative Candles recognized an opportunity to grow revenue by reaching a target audience beyond their customer base of event planners and stylists. They wanted to reach consumers who enjoy using premium candles in and around their homes.

One challenge was that their content strategy had been focused on sharing curated photos of extravagant weddings and photo shoots that featured their candles. This content appealed to event planners and brides but excluded this new audience. They needed to shift their strategy to retain their current social media followers and email subscribers but also grow a new customer segment.

Brand Development

Through customer insight, we learned that Creative Candle customers buy more than candles – they buy the experience, the beauty, and warmth that premium candles bring to their home or special event. They buy a lifestyle that they aspire to.

With this insight, the brand messaging taps into the aspirations of the consumer, inspiring them to experience the lifestyle of Creative Candles.

Logo design provided by LimeLight Marketing for Creative Candles.

Logo Design

This lifestyle brand deserved a new look. One that was modern, premium, and embodied the essence of the brand. The new logo, color palette, fonts and imagery are integrated throughout the entire brand to include new packaging, print materials, and a new and improved website.

Content Marketing Strategy

The purpose of the new content marketing strategy was to reach a wider customer base with engaging content and turn social followers and prospects into customers on their new e-commerce website.

The social media content promotes a lifestyle – telling a brand story greater than product-focused candle posts. The content positions Creative Candles as an essential part of elevated lifestyle experiences – such as family and friends gathered around the table with a sleek, modern tablescape with the warm glow of Wedgwood tapers.

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Using persona-based marketing, we created content that was both engaging and useful – helping customers live out their aspirations while also offering practical tips for how to add candles to your porch decor. The photos and videos evoked emotion and drove consumers to purchase.

This content strategy is balanced with continuing to show off the amazing photos taken by photographers. Talk about inspiration!

Website design and development services by LimeLight Marketing for Creative Candles

E-commerce Website Design

A new website was designed to reflect the new and modern brand, tastefully showcase product collections and give visitors a great shopping experience. The site offers an easy to use content management system allowing Creative Candles to easily update products and content. 

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Client testimonial for LimeLight Marketing by owners of Creative Candles.
Client Testimony

“I like that we’re seeing sales go up also. We get the followers increasing and things of that nature which is fantastic. Awareness building is absolutely critical, but it’s also translating into increased sales. From the time we started working with LimeLight Marketing, we’ve had an average 30% increase and in some months we’ve actually had double the sales. It is fantastic to have a group that we can work with that feels like we are all one company…that people are just as dedicated to our company as we are.”

– Keith & Shelley Espelien

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