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City of Pittsburg

Learn how we helped the City of Pittsburg recruit new housing developments.

The Challenge

Pittsburg, Kansas – not only a great place to live, work and play, but a city investing in a promising future. The City of Pittsburg was experiencing a housing shortage; specifically moderately priced homes.  Many people were waiting for a home to be built or relocating to nearby towns to find housing. Two-thirds of people working in Pittsburg were living outside of the City, partially due to limited housing options. To address this need, the City was actively seeking development partners to develop neighborhoods of family homes.  Despite many efforts over a period of time, they could not find development partners, so they came to LimeLight seeking help with a digital marketing campaign. Our goal was to tell the story behind the need for housing, communicate the incentives the City was offering, and generate leads of housing developers for the City to meet with. The digital campaign included website content, video, and an email campaign. 

Campaign Results

Success was defined by the number of developers who requested meetings with City officials and further by securing a housing development. Within months the campaign had exceeded its goals, with over 15 qualified leads and five housing developments planned.

To attract housing developers to build residential communities in Pittsburg.

The target audience was small and niche, and past efforts had been unsuccessful.

The campaign generated over 15 leads, with five new housing developments planned.
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Pittsburg Housing Development Campaign

Animation videos packed with stats can succinctly illustrate service offering and can be highly targeted to your buyer persona. In this video for the City of Pittsburg, we used animation and voiceover to show the benefits of building new housing.