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How we increased website traffic and conversions for the AWI - Quality Certification Program.


The Architectural Woodwork Institute Quality Certification Program (AWI-QCP) provides a nationwide stamp of approval to woodworkers, architects, specifiers, and contractors in the woodworking industry. QCP is the industry standard in excellence for interior architectural woodwork and is relied upon by clients for better design options and superior quality standards.

AWI-QCP & LimeLight Marketing

The Executive Director of AWI-QCP was introduced to Limelight Marketing after hearing LimeLight CEO, Brandee Johnson, speak at a conference about digital marketing and branding.

QCP was not satisfied with the results of their marketing efforts. Brandee’s presentation motivated them to partner with LimeLight and infuse QCP with fresh marketing strategies and ideas.

The Marketing Roadmap

QCP engaged LimeLight to develop and execute a marketing strategy. The initial step was to gain a thorough understanding of their business, customers, and current marketing efforts, before making recommendations for strategic or tactical marketing activities.

First, we created target personas by conducting a series of customer interviews. Questions around challenges customers typically face and how QCP solves them, as well as their overall perception of QCP, enabled us to develop a strategy to effectively target and engage these customers.

Next, we conducted a full content assessment, including online and printed collateral, social media, and ad campaigns. Paired with the answers and insights uncovered during customer interviews, we identified opportunities to update QCP’s overall strategic approach. Specifically, a shift in tone of voice and brand messaging were recommended to more closely speak to customer needs and expectations.

Lastly, a competitor SEO analysis was completed, with keyword ranking opportunities identified.

These three elements enabled LimeLight to create a marketing strategy and roadmap for QCP that helped them identify short and long-term goals, establish their vision for success, and determine the marketing technology required to execute and measure the marketing plan.

"I was impressed with your suggestion that we do a roadmap, and I thought that it made complete sense. Let's see if we have the right needs assessment, direction and targets that we want to identify to work together. The roadmap was probably one of the most valuable things to start off with. And since then, you guys have been just amazing. Your team is so professional and you guys obviously know what you're doing. The results share that."

Randy Estabrook

Executive Director

Marketing Results

One of AWI’s key goals was to increase the number of woodworker sign-ups for the Quality Certification Program by 10% year-over-year. An early surge toward the objective was achieved in the first 60 days, as we successfully increased sign-ups by 8% through optimizing communications with woodworkers during the renewal timeframe.

"The LimeLight team is very effective at garnering results. We have experienced an 8% increase in client sign-ups and our YouTube page has several new video productions, with one having over 13,000 views. Now that is impressive!

Randy Estabrook

Executive Director

Website design and development services by LimeLight Marketing for AWI

A New Website That Generates Leads

An early priority was to build a new website that would attract and engage more customers. As a result:

  • A new content management system was put in place to make it easier and faster to update the website.
  • The front-end offers an improved user experience.
  • Targeted content speaks directly to each buyer persona and conveys brand messaging.
  • Each core landing page is optimized around a keyword strategy with strong calls to action to convert visitors into leads.

The  new-and-improved website also required integration with secure back-end systems and various databases, which was successfully accomplished according to schedule.

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Ongoing Marketing Partnership

LimeLight works as an extension of the QCP team to support their marketing strategy and tactics. The marketing plan evolves as we evaluate the industry and focus on specific components of the plan, or audience personas, at certain times of the year.

The marketing campaigns focus on the different QCP personas. This includes optimizing their lead generation process for core campaigns, and improved messaging across a variety of channels. We’ve also identified internal efficiencies to help QCP improve their results.

"I think maybe a lot of people imagine an agency is going to dictate how the engagement is going to go, what they're going to do, and what they're going to deliver. The thing I like about LimeLight is it's collaborative. There's a discussion about what opportunities we can take advantage of and what maybe isn't the best fit right now. And to me that's a big value."

Randy Estabrook

Executive Director

LimeLight Marketing drives results for AWI

Marketing Campaign Results

A recent campaign to update communication workflows and email messaging resulted in a 144% year-over-year improvement in click-through rate from a core target audience.

They’ve also experienced an improved reach in the awareness phase of the customer journey, through new tactical marketing channels such as Google Ads – Search and YouTube, social platforms, search engine optimization, video content, and regular blogging.

With AWI’s new website in place, we’re tracking conversions through marketing campaigns. Since the site launched, a majority of the emails collected via paid and organic marketing have been new leads that we can nurture.

Marketing dashboards and results are shared regularly with the QCP marketing and executive team.

The AWI & LimeLight Partnership

Given the great work and desired results we have achieved together, we are proud to be an extension of the QCP marketing team. Our continued partnership maintains focus on the goals of increasing awareness, leads, conversions, and sales for QCP.

"I'm glad we made the decision to work with LimeLight. Your team has exceeded our expectations. "

~ Randy Estabrook, AWI

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