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How Sales Teams Can Use Video To Nurture Leads

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When you want to really get your message across, using videos to nurture leads is a great way of engaging your target audience. Unlike long articles, jam-packed e-books, and laborious whitepapers, an attractive video can condense complex information into a few short minutes. Learn how your sales team can use videos to nurture leads, and you’ll soon start building trust, boosting engagement and driving conversions among your audience. 


The Power of Video

In this exploding digital age, videos are powerful marketing tools – and if an image is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video can say. When properly produced, this form of media lets you tell your story in a faster, more digestible, and more appealing way.

The flexible nature of video content marketing means that you can also make use of the best features of other types of content. A video can be as impactful and to-the-point as a meme, for example, whilst being as comprehensive and informative as an article. This way, it can encapsulate both the essential information about your product, and the emotional appeal that drives your audience. 


There’s no denying that audiences love video content – we’ll let the statistics speak for themselves here:

  • Sales teams that use video marketing increase brand awareness by 54%
  • 88% of marketers report that videos have a good ROI when used on social media
  • Of all internet users in the US, 85% watch videos online every month
  • 54% of consumers have said that they would prefer their favorite brands to post more videos
  • The use of video to nurture leads increases the amount of quality leads by 66% every year


On top of all of this, by 2022 it is estimated that 82% of the world’s internet traffic will be related to video streaming, showing that there is an ever-growing demand for this type of content. Jumping on the bandwagon has never been so crucial in the marketing world, with quality video production standing at the forefront of attracting, nurturing and converting leads. 

Video content can even skyrocket your click-through rate. When used in emails, a video can triple or even quadruple the CTR for your website by 200-330%, meaning that your leads will significantly improve. 


How Do You Nurture Leads with Videos?

Video content can be used at any stage of the marketing funnel, giving you the opportunity to make your buyer’s journey as informative and memorable as possible. But when it comes to lead nurturing, the effectiveness of videos at driving conversions all comes down to how and when you use them. 

Nurturing leads is at the middle of the marketing funnel, where establishing trust and encouraging engagement are the main goals. According to Eugene Schwartz in his book Breakthrough Advertising, there are five levels of awareness that correspond to the different stages of the marketing funnel:

  1. Unaware: This level, the top of the marketing funnel, is where your target consumers are not aware that they have a problem that needs to be addressed.
  2. Problem Aware: Here, your target consumers are aware of their problems or needs, and they are actively searching for solutions.
  3. Solution Aware: This is when consumers know about the solution but want you to prove that your product is the best answer.
  4. Product Aware: Consumers are already aware of the merits of your product compared to others’, but you need to help them decide.
  5. Most Aware: At this level, your target consumers have already purchased your product, but they will need guidelines for the next steps. You also have to maintain their loyalty.


You need to nurture the consumers who are at levels three and four in terms of awareness. When your clients are at this tentative stage, you must stimulate their interest and desire so that they feel irresistibly drawn to your product – and that’s where videos come in. 

Informative videos that address these levels of awareness are highly effective at converting leads. In fact, approximately 85% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching an explainer video. This shows how the use of compact and visually-stimulating video content can give the consumer the final push they need to complete their buyer’s journey with you. 


Why Does Your Sales Team Need a Video Strategy?

As your consumers go deeper into the marketing funnel, their attention span will increase. They will be more receptive to the details of your content, and they will be more likely to peruse all types of content. 

However, watching videos is still more attractive to many people than sifting through piles of written content, so a video strategy is crucial in keeping the interests of your audience piqued. Having a strategy in place will help provide your sales team with most engaging video content in terms of topic, complexity, length, and message.

Of course, if you want to nurture your leads so that they complete their buyer’s journey, your video strategy should emphasize the features and benefits of the product you are offering. But there’s so much more to it than that:

  • Get to the point straight away so that viewers are instantly engaged 
  • Be mindful of the length of your video and how valuable the information is 
  • Ensure your video makes viewers understand how your product can meet their needs
  • Keep the tone authoritative, informative, and reflective of your brand’s personality


Although you can make a comprehensive video, it shouldn’t be too detailed. Otherwise, its length could put people off. Instead, you can strategically use a short, comprehensive video introduction that then leads to several other videos. Creating separate videos for subtopics like this will not only make your content more watchable, it will also keep your audience engaged and encourage them to stay on your website.  

For a more in-depth video strategy, sales teams can also use video analytics to gain a deeper insight about their site visitors and the kind of content they respond, or don’t respond to. With the help of traffic analytics like this, you can discover:

  • Specific videos that your visitors have watched
  • Which videos were most successful among viewers
  • The ideal times and days of the week for video posting
  • The attention span of the viewers in terms of video length
  • At which point the target consumers stopped watching a video 


With this kind of analytical data, you can improve the videos your sales teams use can improve their videos in terms of persuasiveness, topic, posting time and length in order to continue nurturing their leads with an informed video strategy.


The Different Types of Videos Your Sales Team Should Use

Your sales team should use different types of videos when it comes to nurturing leads. Some of the most effective types of videos that you can use are those that, based on Schwartz’s five levels of awareness, correspond to levels two and three of the marketing funnel. 

With this in mind, the videos you create should be aimed at establishing trust and engaging the target audience. These are the top three types of videos that are ideal for this nurturing stage of the buyer’s journey. You and your sales team can then leverage these videos to earn the trust and confidence of your leads:

  1. FAQ videos: Most potential customers will have some frequently asked questions. Rather than making them jump through hoops on a lengthy FAQ page, you can address these questions in FAQ videos. These should cover at least 80% of all the typical questions that your leads may ask so that they feel reassured and gain confidence in your product or service.  
  2. About us videos: You can earn the trust of your leads if they know you better – even more so if they feel that they can relate to you. Videos that humanize a business’s employees, or share the history of the company, are excellent at developing this kind of affinity with consumers. It lets them know that you are more than just a brand name, and can result in very loyal clients.
  3. Product page videos: Consumers who are already interested in your products and services are likely to want more information about what your company is offering. To feed this appetite, you can create videos that highlight the features and benefits of your products or services. Demo videos are also very effective because they show the consumer exactly what they’re getting. 


5 Tips for Your Sales Team When They Use Videos to Nurture Leads

Using videos to nurture leads does more than just drive traffic, improve conversions, and build relationships with consumers. Successful video content marketing also opens up a host of opportunities that your sales team will be eager to take advantage of. 

So, once you’ve got your video strategy in place, here are five extra tips that will allow you to continue building trust with your clients, and seeing results:

  1. Create free, gated video content exclusively for loyal customers
  2. Offer free trials of your products or services in exchange for watching a video
  3. Make your videos interactive by providing a comment section where viewers can ask questions
  4. Be responsive to your audience’s comments by replying to them, or creating a response video
  5. Always add a call-to-action to your videos, and detail the next steps that your leads should take


Using videos to nurture leads should be a strategic approach that captivates consumers and keeps them interested in what you are offering. With video content surging through the internet, make sure that yours is standing out by following all of these tips and tricks. 

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