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How to Maximize Your eCommerce Business with Video Content

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According to Cisco, video content has now made up about 82% of the internet traffic in 2021. That means almost every online content you consume is in the form of video format. 

If you run eCommerce stores, you realize that getting video content on your platform can effectively capture the audience’s attention in a short time. Since videos are practically everywhere, making a promotion using a video marketing strategy will help you acquire new customers. 

In addition, around 54% of internet users have expressed that they like watching videos rather than reading articles when learning a product. Consuming video content will be less likely a hassle since the content format delivers information rather quickly.  

Why You Should Use Video Content For Business

There are many good reasons why you should consider using a video marketing strategy. Since video content has been so popular in the past few years, there’s a big chance that more people are viewing and searching for information in this form of content. 

Videos enhance your website

Your eCommerce page is one of the first places people will look when they want to find out more about who you are and what products or services you offer, but if all they see on your site are words, they will likely exit in no time.

Internet users prefer informative and educational videos since they are more exciting than reading blocks of texts. Videos are easy to understand, which adds value for potential customers to make purchasing decisions in your eCommerce stores.

Videos get more attention on social media platforms

More people join social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube every day to get more information about their interests. More often than not, they post comments on videos that further allow them to engage with your brand directly. The best thing about posting videos on social media is that people will see you as an active community member who cares for what customers say regarding your brand or industry—not just another company trying to promote its products or services.

Videos improve conversion rates

Are your landing pages not converting the way you want them to? If yes, adding video eCommerce pages will help you capture people’s attention and convey a more personal message. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter encourage people to post their videos rather than just simple content.

5 Quick Tips to Leverage Video Content to Improve Your eCommerce Business

This article will help you understand how video content marketing works wonders for your eCommerce business—knowing how the strategy works will allow you to create one that fits your goals. 

1. Tell captivating stories 

Storytelling is a powerful tool to persuade prospects into doing what you want. The more relatable and engaging your videos are, the better they will be for your business. 

With video content, you can craft a brand story to hook your audience from scratch. This is exceptionally important when you’re new to the eCommerce world since building an audience can be pretty challenging. 

People will learn faster about your eCommerce brand when you have a story made in a video instead of an article. The video will help you convey an interesting fact about your store that people should know and impress them from the very beginning. 

The number one rule to making a great story is to make something that evokes emotion. No matter what goals you’re trying to pursue, whether it’s to leave a fun impression or cause your audience to cry, make sure your story resonates with their situation well. 

2. Optimize for mobile devices

In a study by Brightcove, over 55% of video content is viewed on mobile devices, and about 62% of all marketing video views are on smartphones. It means that mobile devices have contributed to total video views on the internet, adding more reasons why you should invest in mobile-friendly content for your promotion. 

You can start by optimizing all your videos for mobile devices. Since people are more likely to access and use smartphones all day long, you need to change the way you make video content in the future. 

People will rather check on their phones for information updates or some entertainment source rather than putting on a full desktop. They even watch movies from their mobile devices today. So, it’s your time to reshape how your videos look later on. 

3. Get details with your content

Keep customers informed about your product using video content. Although most customers will read the description of a product before they buy it, videos allow them to see how it works and what it looks like inside out rather quickly. 

With so many eCommerce sites competing for visitors’ attention, posting content that offers more than text will naturally attract more customers. Videos fit perfectly into your eCommerce pages because they convey instructions like DIY tutorials or break down complex topics into easily digested chunks of information.

You can as well insert customer testimonials on your product videos as they can convince your prospects better. Using videos as a source of information about your eCommerce brand or product can help you reach out to a broader audience since it’s easy for them to learn about your business. 

4. Add closed caption

Audio also matters a lot to people for learning and getting entertained at the same time. So, adding closed captions will be very useful since it’s easy for them to read along with the video content even in their busy schedules. 

Moreover, you can broaden your reach when you add captions to your video content. People who don’t speak your native language can understand your message and share your content when they feel connected. These people will help you reach out to a bigger audience and let you engage with more viewers out there. 

The closed caption is also helpful for those with hearing problems. Since they can learn the same way others learn your message, reading your subtitle will help them understand and experience your video content in a meaningful way. 

The more audience you can reach from your video content, the higher chance you’ll have in collecting new leads and converting customers. After all, a broader reach is your ultimate goal when making video content in the first place. 

5. Insert a call to action

Do not forget to include a call to action in your video content marketing. A call to action is a special phrase that prompts your viewers to take action right after watching your video. You can ask them to follow your social media channel, check out your eCommerce store, leave a comment, and more.

Not only that, you may as well ask viewers to watch another video to get to know your business better. For instance, you can say something like this: “Hey! I’ve just made a video that shows how we make our hot sauce. Click here to watch it and get one for free.”

You need to be very specific with your call to action, so viewers will know what to do next. Make sure also that your call to action is in line with the content of your video.

If you promote something commercially, use phrases like buy now or enter here, then click order. Do not forget that your call to action should fit in the context of the video. 

Make sure not to ask them to subscribe if they aren’t interested in your eCommerce brand or product at all. Instead, try talking about why your audience needs your products to help them live a better life.


Video content marketing isn’t more than just marketing or advertising. Video is an opportunity for your eCommerce brand to showcase its culture and values and promote new products effectively.

While many people believe that there are too many videos on social media these days and don’t want anymore, when done correctly (i.e., captivating video stories), it’s one of the best ways to connect with customers. 

In conclusion, video content marketing effectively builds an audience and converts customers from scratch. Make sure to follow the tips above when making video marketing for your eCommerce business. Good luck!

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