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LimeLight Marketing Inbound Marketing Packages: What’s Included

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Many of our clients come to us very familiar about traditional marketing tactics – TV commercials, advertisements, etc. – and curious about a new marketing strategy they’ve heard or read about calling inbound marketing.

While traditional outbound marketing methods can still be effective when executed well, inbound marketing utilizes the ability to connect with potential customers on platforms they view everyday and expect to find information. Posting personalized content on digital platforms that resonates and attracts customers – that’s inbound.

Tactics like blogging, search engine optimization and social media are major applications utilized with an inbound marketing plan.

Here at LimeLight Marketing, we specialize in inbound marketing. Through years of experience and professional development, our team of professionals is well equipped to craft content that speaks to the needs of your customers and attracts qualified prospects, all while establishing trust, credibility and relationships.


Stages Of Inbound Marketing Strategies

Our inbound marketing plans target the integral stages of any successful digital marketing effort:

Defining Target Audience

Identifying your ideal buyer and understanding the pain points that your product or service solves is the first step to personalized marketing.

Content Creation and Distribution

Developing engaging, pertinent content that will answer questions and address concerns or issues important to your potential customers is an integral step in the process. After content creation occurs, distribution of that content to appropriate channels is key.

Lifecycle Marketing

As readers take in your content, they become your promoters and help you by redistributing your content. Strangers, visitors, contacts and customers who find your content relevant and interesting are your most effective promotions team.


Customize your content based on the wants and needs of the people who are reading your content. Learn more about your leads through analytics and market data to personalize your messages.

Multi-channel Efforts

Deliver messaging to your potential customers based on where they already are. Make it easy for them to interact with you.


Utilize all phases of content creation, analytical assessments and publishing practices to develop strategic content that will be delivered to targeted prospects at optimum times.


Limelight Marketing’s Inbound Marketing Plans

LimeLight Marketing offers three flexible inbound marketing plans that will help your business develop new leads and increase business regardless of business size. We’ve found that inbound marketing works best for companies who have growth goals and are willing to invest in the long game of content marketing.


Designed to help start-up to mid-sized businesses get started with digital marketing, the BUILD package helps you establish high-quality content to increase social engagement, drive website traffic and convert website visitors to leads.

It includes a foundational strategy that is derived from a website audit and other assessments that help us determine where to focus our efforts. Typically in the beginning months of this package, inbound marketing execution tactics include:

  • SEO rich blog posts
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Lead generation e-book with a basic email nurture campaign
  • Social media plan for 1-2 channels
  • Subject matter expert interview
  • Monthly reporting and check-in call



Best suited for small and mid-sized businesses who want to use digital marketing to drive significant growth for their businesses, this package targets 20 percent annual growth through a comprehensive digital marketing program. Positioning your brand, growing your social engagement and website visits and optimizing eCommerce efforts are the main ways this aggressive digital strategy will help convert prospects into customers and develop relationships that will keep customers loyal.

Through a website audit, development of buyer personas and intense strategy, the GROW  marketing plan will be implemented utilizing the tactics best suited for your business. These typically include:

  • All elements in the BUILD plan
  • Aggressive social media plan plus advertisements
  • Citation building & SEO tactics
  • Retargeting
  • Pay-Per-Click strategy and campaign management
  • Monthly reporting and check-in call



For mid-sized to enterprise businesses seeking digital dominance in their industries or market, the ACCELERATE package targets 30 percent or greater growth each year through a strategic marketing strategy. It includes frequent high quality content, multi-channel campaigns, social media dominance, increased website visits, lead generation and lead nurture campaigns, and brand advocate programs to influence your fans to tell your story.

The ACCELERATE plan typically includes:

  • All elements in the GROW plan
  • Increased website personalization
  • Increased segmentation in content creation
  • Brand advocate campaigns and programs
  • Robust paid social advertising campaign management

If you are interested in partnering with LimeLight Marketing to connect with more customers and grow your company through an Inbound Marketing plan, contact us today to get started.

Learn more about the kind of work we do and view projects we have completed for other clients in order to move their companies forward.


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