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How To Upcycle Your Content For Maximum Mileage: Insight From INBOUND 2016

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Last week I hit the skies and flew into Boston for a 4 day INBOUND conference hosted by HubSpot. As hard as it was to break out of the office for a full week, the sessions and keynote speakers were so great that proved well worth the game of catch-up this week. For those of you who didn’t attend INBOUND, I wanted to share the best of the content with all of you.

My first session to feature is How To Upcycle Your Content For Maximum Mileage which was presented by Salma Jafri.


About the Presenter

Salma Jafri is the host of Content Marketing Tips #CMtips – a YouTube show for entrepreneurs and founder of MoxieWomen – a platform for supporting women entrepreneurs.


The Big Idea On Marketing Content

The big idea of this session in regard to content is that the whole is larger than the sum of it’s parts. Salma explains a concept that she calls upcycling to teach ways for marketers to get the most from our content.

“Instead of one big piece of content doing all of the heavy lifting for you, we want to create multiple pieces of upcycle content so that the whole is bigger than the sum of it’s parts.”


Upcycling Your Marketing Content

Upcycling is converting content into multiple formats to add value and bring that piece of content into circulation again.

If you compare upcycling to recycling, recycling involves reusing items rather than throwing them away – such as reusing a grocery sack the next time you go to the store. Upcycling on the other hand takes something and repurposes it in a way that ADDS value.


Ways To Upcycling Your Marketing Content

  • Convert content into different formats
  • Target different audiences
  • Change the medium
  • Change the industry vertical


4 Reasons Upcycling Content Is Smart

  • It allows you to create great content because rather than spreading your capacity across tons of new content, you’re continuing to hone and refine the content you’ve already created.
  • It’s great for SEO. If you have a video and a blog post and an image of that content. You’ll eventually start showing up in Google web search, video search, and image search.
  • It extends your reach because people can consume your content in different ways.
  • It respects the way that your audience wants to learn – offering your content in multiple mediums.


Easy Ways To Upcycle Your Marketing Content

  • Create a simple YouTube style video around your content.
  • Transcribe your core piece of video content and turn it into a blog post by adding context, hyper links, subheadings, add images to further explain, and Wala! you have a blog post.
  • Use a take-a-way snippet or a quote from the content and make a graphic that you share on social media.
  • Create a short 30 second blooper video of all your outtakes and share that video on Instagram to share the raw side of your brand.
  • Create an email that introduces your content with a personal message about why you are sharing the content with your subscribers. This personal touch makes the content exclusive from blog viewers.
  • Turn your content into an FAQ if it’s relevant.
  • Convert the content into an Infographic, especially if it’s based on data and statistics.
  • Present your content at speaking opportunities in your industry.



What Types of Content Are Best To Upcycle?

  • Content that is evergreen
  • Series based content around a central topic or theme
  • Authority content – anything that falls in the realm of thought leadership


Beware: Upcycling Isn’t Distribution or Promotion!

You might think that you are upcycling your content because you write a blog post, you publish that post on LinkedIn and share it on social media.

Salma says “the magic of recycling happens at the content creation stage and not the distribution or promotional stage.”

While it’s best practice to spend a significant amount of time promoting your content, consider doing both – upcycling and promoting the content.


Content Marketing Is Like A Little Black Dress

You might worry that repurposing the same content over and over again could get boring and monotonous to your audience. I frequently remind myself and our team that just because we see and hear our brand everyday, it doesn’t mean that others do!

Salma uses an analogy that I love. She compares upcycling content to a ‘little black dress’. We all know that an LBD can be worn about a million different and unique ways. You can wear it with scarfs tied in around 30 different ways, you can accessorize with jewelry, with a cardigan, with a blazer, with heels or with converse sneakers.

I’ll leave you with this challenge: Think about your content like an LBD and see how you can dress it up or down to give it a unique perspective – ultimately getting maximum mileage from your content.

If you weren’t able to make it to Hubspot’s Inbound 2016 conference, we’ve got you covered. In the upcoming weeks, we will be bringing you the best of INBOUND 2016 in a series of blogs. Subscribe to our blog  to soak up the marketing goodness!


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