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How To Generate More Leads On Your Website

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I work with mid-size business leaders on a daily basis helping them build and execute marketing programs to generate more leads for their B2B company. A common challenge we discuss is a lack of leads generated from their website.

In order to build a healthy database of leads for your marketing and sales teams to nurture and engage, you need to get people to your website and then get them to sign up for something so that you know who they are. The concept is simple but making this happen is something that many businesses struggle with.

The good news is that your website has the potential to generate massive amounts of new business because it’s working 24/7, 365 days a year and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any type of device. But you have to unlock its potential to enable it to succeed.

Let’s look at 5 common ways that you can generate more leads on your website.

1. Ensure Your Website Is Up-To-Date

If you’ve let your online presence go out of date, recognize the problem, commit to fixing it, and get started today. This will be your first step toward generating online leads.

If you have not redesigned your website in the past 2-3 years or you are not adding new content on a regular (at least bi-weekly) basis, your site is likely outdated and a redesign is going to be your first step to start generating leads.

Think about walking into a retail store with outdated wall paper, an old fashion TV instead of a flat-screen, and a sign at the register that says “no credit cards accepted” – you’d probably turn around and leave. Your website is no different.

Time and technology change. Google releases new algorithm consistently. An up to date website is absolutely required to generate leads online.

2. Create and Publish Content To Increase Site Traffic

If you don’t have strong website traffic, you probably aren’t getting enough leads to keep your marketing and sales teams busy. They may still be spinning their wheels chasing cold leads rather than following up with qualified leads who are ready to talk.

To get more website traffic, you must begin publishing information that your target customer can find. Creating a blog on your website and posting quality content (not junk) to social media is a good place to start. LinkedIn is often the best social channel for B2B companies to research and learn about the leads you are getting and to do prospecting.

If you are not doing SEO (search engine optimization) on your website, it’s a must to increasing site traffic. If you don’t have an SEO expert on staff, talk to an expert to understand what’s right for your business. We offer a free Website Assessment that includes a look at your website from a SEO perspective.

3. Use Landing On Your Website

Landing pages are key to a lead generating website. They are the pages that allow people to download content like ebooks, guides and case studies  from your website by filling out a form that tells a little bit about who they are, in exchange for the content.

If your website is not using landing pages, this is one reason you are not generating leads as you’d like.

If you are unfamiliar with landing pages, the HubSpot Academy offers a great Guide on How To Create A Landing Page.

4. Put Content Behind Forms To Capture Leads

Blogs and copy on your website pages are available to anyone and they help attract site visitors and give them information to understand how you can help them. But when it comes to higher value content like case studies, white papers and ebooks, in most cases you should make website visitors fill out a form to get your content. This is how you generate the lead to whom you can now follow up with.

Don’t simply rely on your Contact Us form or the Request A Quote form to generate your leads. Those are great bottom of the funnel calls to action, but they don’t work for the majority of website visitors who want to self-educate and are not ready to reach out to you and ask for help.

5. Put CTAs On Your Website

Your landing pages may look amazing with fabulous content offers behind gated forms, but it won’t matter if your website visitors can’t find them! Use CTAs (calls to action) throughout your website to lead visitors to your landing pages. Some great places to include CTAs are:

  • On your homepage
  • At the bottom of each blog post
  • On your product/service description pages
  • Your about us page

Don’t give up on making your website your top performing lead generator. If you aren’t generating new leads, it may be time to change your website and try a new approach. How can we help you get started? Contact us today  or request a free website analysis below and let’s find out.







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