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e-Commerce Marketing Strategies: Top 8 Tips to Get More Customer Referrals!

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The concept of referral marketing is a strategy that relies on referrals and word-of-mouth to expand a company’s customer base through the networks of existing customers. Referral marketing can come in various forms, but, at its core, it’s a strategy to attract your most loyal customers to spread the word about your business. Referral marketing transforms your existing customer base into brand ambassadors.

Before we dive into the steps to design your strategy for marketing referrals, we will discuss some common marketing techniques!

  •  A word-of-mouth impression generates at least 5 times greater sales than an advertisement. 
  •    Leads from referrals have better conversion rates by 30% and have a higher lifetime value than leads sourced through other channels.  
  •    50% of Americans prefer word-of-mouth as a way to learn about products/services.


Select the most effective referral-marketing strategy for eCommerce.


Here are some suggestions. Choose a referral marketing plan from the ones below.


1.) Rewards and gifts an incentive program for referrals

Incorporating a referral program that rewards customers with incentives will generate leads, boost engagement, increase sales and generate revenue. If you decide to implement your own ” Invite a Friend” program, the customer invites his friend to shop at your website, and you offer the referral with a discount or reward.


2) Make It Easy To Enroll

Let’s face it: time is the one resource we’re all lacking today. It’s impossible to convince people to join an affiliate program when they have to go through many steps to sign-up. So the process of registering into your program must be simple. Make a simple sign-up form with the minimum required fields and allow invites to join via social media and email to allow referrals to join your program in just a few clicks.

LimeLight Marketing - Ecommerce Marketing Strategies


3) Make use of your existing consumer base.

Use your most loyal customers to distribute positive words about your company. Customers who have previously signed up for your loyalty programs are an excellent source of referral traffic.

You can build unique referral links just for these clients to entice them to recommend your products or services to their friends and family.

You may also apply this approach with an Amazon link shortener, where the company provides knowledge about client targeting tactics.


4) Participate in contest referral schemes.

eCommerce marketers are now holding competitions to grow their subscriber base, raise brand awareness, and increase sales.

People are inherently drawn to competition. Therefore contests with prizes are much more intriguing. You may sell your brand and products to the participants, increasing engagement, shares, and conversions.


5)  Make use of social media

Social media platforms have become an important aspect of marketing, raising brand awareness, and providing customer service. You can’t ignore social media since you wouldn’t be able to reach such a large audience without it.

To get the best from social media, focus on growing an engaged audience and encouraging your fans to promote your business on their pages. Then, using high-quality content, market your referral program.


6)  Follow through on your promises

Show your customers that you understand them and endeavor to provide what they require, whatever your product or service is.

If you say you’ll provide a product in five days, double-check that you’ll be able to deliver it in that time frame.

If you offer a money-return guarantee, make sure you specify when customers are eligible and that this information is readily available.


7)  Encourage the creation of user-generated content

Allow your consumers to be your brand ambassadors by encouraging them to contribute photos and videos utilizing your items. To reflect your brand, you may even develop customized hashtags.

Other people’s faith in you will grow when they see your products in the hands of their friends, giving them more confidence to buy from your business.

LimeLight Marketing - Ecommerce Marketing Strategies


8) Promote Your Referral Program on Your Website

 Because people will only use your referral programs if they are aware of them, regular and effective promotion is essential.

Your referral program should ideally be advertised on your:

  • Homepage 
  • Landing pages
  • Pop-ups on customer/sales pages
  • Pages of check-out
  • Pages of gratitude

You might also construct a website to promote your referral program.



You won’t require a new website redesign to enhance sales and conversions. You can optimize your marketing efforts for each level of your sales funnel with modest tweaks. Give these lesser-known methods a try if you’re looking for some new e-commerce marketing ideas and see what works best for you.

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