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4 Top Video Marketing Tips

Brandee Johnson

Get More from Your Video Content Marketing

This topic is important, so I’ll get right to the point — if video marketing isn’t one of the latest additions to your marketing toolbox, you’re falling behind the eight ball on one of the most versatile and results-producing tactics available with content marketing strategies.

That said, the key to getting the most ROI from the budget dollars you invest in video content marketing is knowing how to use it. Given there are a variety of options and factors to consider, I’d like to take you through four video marketing tips you can use video to boost brand awareness and engage with your customers.

Our 4 Top Video Marketing Tips


Tip 1. Use Video Marketing to Connect with Consumers

Authenticity is the new “word of mouth.” As consumer purchasing behavior has become more and more influenced by millennials, we have seen the rise of authenticity as a benchmark for which brands are thriving in the marketplace. That said, authenticity is not possible without connection. This presents opportunities, and perhaps even requirements, for companies to imbue their marketing tactics with emotional videos and connect with customers in a real and credible way.

Video is an excellent tool for establishing connections and authentic interaction. Storytelling, product reviews, behind-the-scenes, and weekly updates are all examples of ways to use video to engage with your audience and bring in new viewers. Let me stress it’s important to consider your brand when deciding what kind of video content will connect you with your audience most effectively. Think about what consumers want to see and how you can put your brand’s “stamp” on the content because video styles and messages which work for one brand will not necessarily be successful for any brand.

However, even the most unmotivated consumers can be hooked by a product in action as it’s so easy to absorb. Connecting to a wide range of potential customers with video gives your company a competitive advantage.


Tip 2. Boost Clicks and Conversion Rates

This is an important video marketing tip. At face value, we know adding a video to your website landing page can increase the amount of time a consumer spends there by 80%, which isn’t surprising given so much of what influences us is visual in nature. One could argue a data point like that virtually stands alone in my efforts to evangelize video marketing, and it does in some ways. However, there are a few specifics to consider when creating a video capable of achieving high website conversions rates and click-through success.

As I outlined in point #1, leading with connection and authenticity is an important and easy way to get your video off on the right foot. Give thought to how you can feature interesting material as opposed to being too heavy in promotional or sales-led content. If the ultimate goal of your video is to promote a product or service, perhaps include some Q&A as a way to demonstrate to consumers you care about being in touch with the questions and opinions of your customers. This, in turn, establishes trust; an extremely important brand attribute and foundation of customer loyalty.

Additionally, be sure to include a clear call to action; encourage viewers to subscribe to your blog, download a guide, and, ultimately, purchase your product or service. 


Tip 3. Use Video to Boost SEO

As most savvy marketers know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how you maximize your company’s visibility potential from searches on Google, Bing, etc. Of course the higher the ranking the better, it means more consumers have exposure to your page, which can drive more traffic to your website. Ultimately, SEO is one of the best ways for companies to be seen by their target audiences.

That’s important when you consider Google, as it turns out, loves video as much as consumers do. Having a video embedded on your website means your company is more likely to show up on page one of a Google search. Additionally, the degree to which search engine ranking is positively affected by having a video present increased significantly when Google purchased YouTube. At the risk of stating the obvious, this means when search engines see your page has a video, they consider it relevant.

The key is to be sure and optimize your videos so you can also increase your SEO. Include interesting titles and meta descriptions, and make your thumbnail image engaging. Setting the video up to be the main focus of your homepage can also increase your SEO ranking. I strongly recommend doing some upfront research on the most effective ways to optimize video content, as it can really pay off in the long run when you’re about to invest significant time and budget for the video presence of your brand.

Video Marketing Tip 4. Encourage Social Media Sharing

We all dream of the video that goes viral, so we want potential customers to love our video and share it. That’s a highly reachable goal given 83% of consumers consider sharing with friends a video they enjoyed. This statistic highlights the popularity of video content, especially when it adds value to a brand experience. But don’t lose sight of the fact that people are more inclined to share emotional content and less fact-based, which once again brings me back to my earlier point about connecting with customers being an important element of a video marketing strategy. Even though one might argue there is not an obvious direct link between emotions and ROI, social media sharing can undoubtedly increase traffic to your site.

Ultimately, video marketing is a great way to motivate consumer engagement with your brand, regardless of your product or service. The most effective types of video and their strategies will, of course, continue to evolve, but companies can become almost playful in their efforts to see what works best for their bottom line and what customers react to the most.

At LimeLight, we specialize in creating video content that drives revenue and delivers results. Connect with us today to bring your brand to life through video marketing.  


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