John Kuefler, Author at LimeLight Marketing
John Kuefler

John Kuefler

Sometimes you just know exactly what you’re meant to do. Technology has been a passion for John Kuefler from an early age, when he started making simple websites at 7 years old. The passion only grew from there, and John went on to start working as a freelancer building websites for Callahan, one of the top marketing agencies in Kansas. 

John went on to attend Pittsburg State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, and then also completed an MBA. During this time, John started working in the public sector as a programmer and eventually software architect, starting down the path managing teams of developers. 

Not satisfied with just doing one thing, in addition to working in the public sector, John also started teaching programming at Pittsburg State shortly after graduating with his master’s degree, as well as providing freelance software development services. The freelance work soon grew so much that John co-founded DevSquared, a software development company that was later acquired by LimeLight Marketing after 3 highly successful years in business. 

“It’s critical to keep yourself sharp. My work in the public and private sectors, as an employee, a freelancer, an educator, and an entrepreneur has all given me unique perspectives on how technology can solve business problems. It’s also helped me to understand what makes developers tick, and the education experience, in particular, has given me an appreciation for mentorship and building strong teams through collaborative, educational experiences.”John is married with three children and loves to take on new challenges whenever he can. He continues to author educational content through platforms such as Pluralsight, and also runs K-12 coding camps to share his passion for technology with the next generation.