Brett Dalton, Author at LimeLight Marketing
Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton

All Brett Dalton knew was that he wanted to write for a living. Journalism seemed like the best chance at that, so he set his sights on being an influential newspaper columnist. He graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2006 with a communication degree and worked his way around a few regional newspapers. 

Then one day the local school district hired him to help them figure out what to do with its Facebook account. This was 2010. Two years later, Pitt State hired him to help get their social media accounts off the ground. 

“Social media at an organizational level was still pretty new around here, so we were just trying different things to see what worked. It really taught me a lot about how people communicate and which types of messaging resonate with a broad audience.”

After almost nine years at Pitt State, Brett joined the LimeLight Marketing team as social media manager. Along with helping our clients improve their social media efforts, Brett is also the lead on social media for an exciting new marketing initiative for the city of Pittsburg — not to be confused with the City of Pittsburg. He also manages LimeLight’s own social media presence. On the side, Brett leads content creation and social media management for multiple small businesses in Pittsburg. 

During his decade-long career in social media, many things have changed. New platforms, new apps, new audiences. But one important thing has remained the same.

“Social media is all about human connection. We call it Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all the other things, but it’s really just humans talking to other humans in various ways. So to me, the key to an effective social media strategy is to always keep it as human and relatable as possible. Social media allows you to give your brand a human personality and voice, and people respond to that.” 

Brett and his wife Jaime live in Pittsburg with their standard poodle, Parker.